Monday, December 21, 2009

i dont not a sulk-er

it's bn a while i havent post anythg...not dat i hv nothg to write on bt just couldnt mke it...

i've bn thru a lot lately...not dat everythg turned out ugly & depressing bt somehow d dpressg part was too much to handle or mayb i shud just use d word "is" instead of "was" sigh~~

1st im a bit stress bout finding job coz my degree result nt as good as diploma result, my resume sucks, im suck at english especially when it comes to interview thingy, and some on9 applications suck too!!

2nd my cat, buaru just had a surgery to take out some "busung air" in her stomach...she's nt really in a gd shape bt i can see that she's it's quite stressful to feed her with pills and clean up d cage...sigh~~ to make it worse, another cat, putih having flu and he's losing appetite...ya allah risaunye aku dgn diorg ni :-(

3rd he's getting worse and honestly im worried bout him...yes he did hurt my feelings bt my heart couldnt hate any longer to someone like him who used to b so nice to me when we were together...i tried make him understand bt it looks like i failed...i didnt pick up his calls, didnt reply his msg just 2 let him move on but it just didnt work well and for now im screwed since he tried to show dat he's changed and he's better than my darl...

4th i dun get it why guys love being a jerk bt then come crawlg to mke amend and force girls to give forgiveness...kan sng if dr awl u guys just treat ur gf nicely! is it bcoz they are too dumb to understand gf tgh kecik ati ke...mrh ke...merajuk sbenanye diorg tau bt then chose to stay calm & do nothg due to EGO??

5th ke...aku yg slh??? mayb i've bn a pushy bitch...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

damn it! i knew there's smthg wrong!

im a mess

im a mess

im a mess

im stupid

im an idiot

damn it i screwed up everythg!!!!! there's no point i worked so hard to maintain some good cg for d past 5 years since pt 1 dip if today i end up with fucking low class cg and now im back to square one!

damn it! i wish i could turn back wut has hapend dat day...i kno shud've bersyukur coz i didnt failed MAF640 but part of me i feel disappointed with myself...haih~~~

Friday, December 4, 2009

4 days 3 nights 24/7 with "them", we were so happy!


-after breakfast kt umah aku, kteorg be5 (aku, along, hihie, shima & farid) gerak dr BJ str8 away to Penang. well of course la we all benti kat few R&R tuk mkn, solat & "membuang"
-around 5pm smpai ke 'resort' (identiti dirahsiakan) we all lepak2 dgn host...tour d 'resort'...mkn...mandi2...then
-memule sekali aktvt kteorg, g pesta pulau pinang...usya brg2....plg best g fun fair die!
-1st kteorg main bumper car! aku & shima, farid & along, hihie & mat....mmg best! extreme gile kteorg main...smpaikan ade bbrp bdk pon naik gile sbb tgk kteorg main dgn gile nye...hehehe...benefits yg kteorg dpt 1st PUAS! 2nd sakit punggung!
-2nd kteorg main yg lagik aku lupe ape name menatang tuh! menjerit x hengat...smpai aku & shima ilang suara!
-puas memain & amik gmbar, we all gerak g mkn kat Padang Kota...after mkn2, aku telah wat smthg yg sgt memalukan diri smpai benda tu jd bahan spjg trip kteorg ni~~ pas mkn, along & farid g toilet while aku mat hihie along & shima 2gu kat tepi jln...then aku dgr bunyik enjin keta...aku tgk dlm keta xde org...aku cam pelik ar btul ke ade org tingalkn keta kt tepi jln x tutup enjin...aku pon membongkok ar sket kt enjin keta tuh...tried to dgr betul2 whether enjin idup ke x...japg mat hihie shima leh bantai gelak cam org gile then diorg belah dr c2...xnk duk dkt dgn aku...nk tau nape? 1st sbb dlm keta tu ade org! (aku pn pelik apesal mse aku tgk, xde org!) 2nd org dlm keta tu da gelak kan aku...3rd diorg kate aku betul2 bxz body smpaikan benda camtu pon nk nyibuk! owh tidak...aku telah memalukan diriku!
-owh and then we all g beli char kuey teow baeeekkkk punya!

-we all g tmn burung tp sbb mahal sgt; RM15! not worth it tuk tgk burung2! so we all went to bukit bendera....smbil 2gu train, we all g la wat pape yg patut...solat, minum, amik gambar & merapu...terlampau byk benda yg we all merapu smpai aku x larat nk type seketul2 kt blog neyh! naik bkt bendera agk sengsara sbb ramai org...x convenient la train jln2 kt ats tu best gak ar...sejuk...kteorg amik gambar, wat tattoo pki inai (aku je), amik gambar ular (aku je xde) hahaha
-mlm tu we all BBQ kat tepi pantai...anyway special thanx 2 abg am, abg zam, & pakcik atan...these 3 ppl ni frm persatuan nelayan...diorg bg kteorg space tuk bbq kat area diorg...even better they all bg few sate & udang kt meja...tlg bakar...haih mcm2 diorg tlg! thanx ya~~~
-after bbq, we all g night market meng'usya' brg2 smpai la kul 1 kut
-late night activity? we all tgk movie~~~~

-1st thing to do was g amik hafiz kt umah atuk die...we all g beli lunch then str8 away to kebun bunga...nk naik tmpt tuh sgt mencabar sbb byk beruk! sib bek la farid mat & hafiz ade...rse selamat ade gak org2 lain so we all jln ramai2...puas ati ar jln jejauh sbb kat tmpt tu best sgt...air sungai die bersih...sejuk...erm puas!!! ha...nk tau x...on d way nk trun frm tmpt tuh...ade la crew from al-jazeera interview kteorg..damn it aku malu gile time tuh...for d 1st time aku rse mcm aku btul2 clueless ape yg aku plan for 2010! selame ni aku rse yg aku nk wat acca tp maybe tu aku just ckp sbb d thing is selagi x dpt result last exam, aku x determine psl future...damn it! malu nye time tu! hopefully diorg delete je scene aku tuh....malu aku klu 1 dunia tgk muke aku yg x confident...clueless...xtau nk ckp ape...
-late eveng kteorg g jln2 usya brg2 kt penang street...then we all dinner kat erm ape ek name area tu tp name kedai tuh ismail ikan bakar & din tomyam...well mcm terbalik tp x kesah la...yg penting mknan kt c2 SEDAP utk di makan oleh 7 org bdk yg lapar! erm...budak ke~~~
-after dinner we went to nasi kandar beratur tuk tapau mknan!
-again late night activity; tgk movie~~~

-bgn pagi trus bersiap2...kul 12 we all gerak...around 5.30 smpai umah...and for now...aku da rindu kat diorg~~~
-asik teringat time2 merapu...time 2 menyanyi smpai ujan...time mkn...sume2 la

p/s: kengkawan we shud do this again....i had a wonderful time with u guys... ;-)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"u can never change, dear" said the .........

some people said dat i'll never b able to change frm what i believe i used to be simply bcoz those people believe that human nature; people cant change their true colors! is it??? i asked myself many time tonight and it's kinda spoil my mood!

how can they be so sure to hold that kinda thoughts?? i do believe that people change....people changed! if not, my former besfrens are still with me...right? as we grow up, we will change the way we talk, speak, and think...right? when we get increment in salary, we change our lifestyle...right? wut else?

i wont elaborate wut things that we argued about coz it's kinda personal and im not ready to talk about this with any1 so not in d mood right now...maybe i'll come back to update about this shit after few days...or maybe 2moro...i dunno for sure...

pisau cukur...d best ever malay film

have u watch d movie? it's incredibly awesome! for d 1st time kat malaysia ni ade film gedikss yg best! sgt3 best in fact! why?

1. coz of fazura! why do i like her? she's gorgeous....simple as that! with a full package she has, she can gedikss all d time and i bet most of people wont feel noxious bout her! she's a good actress in terms of her credibility, vry fluent in english, and for me i think she's just like sophia bush! ;-)

2. the storyline was easy and simple...but needs u to keep guessing who's d antonym character...serious babe...mmg best lawak2 bangang die! especially all d gediks part, the script, everythg seems perfect!

Monday, November 23, 2009

what a girl wants? a guy like Clay or Nathan

just finished OTH s07e07, i figured why since beginning of this series (s07) Clay being such a.....u kno wut...he lost his beloved wife (Sara) so he afraid of letting people in and that's what made him so "CLAY" when it comes about sex and woman...the thing is i was touched with d fact that he truly madly deeply loves his late wife (Sara) even tho he is so hot, wealthy, "healthy" and hundred of hotties chasing after him! in a recent dev, he realizes that he starting kinda have feeling for Quinn but somehow he doesnt want to let go the memories between him & Sara and yes, he afraid of losing people he loves again....ooowwwhhhh im touched! how i wish there'll b a guy like that for me ;-)

Wut about Nathan? he's young, athletic, hot, wealthy and d best part is he's a family man! tho he carries many credits, he still d same Nathan that Haley loves! i was thinking what it takes to have a guy like that? i meant besides the "hotness", wut it takes to have a guy who still loving, caring, hot in a kindness manner, passion about ur relationship, loyal to u from d day 1 being together till u die?

just so u kno, i always attached to d movie or drama i love and that's why i wrote this...just to point out something ;-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

lunch at hihie's

19th nov we all (aku, yani, farid, zam, along, shaz & kuza) gerak frm s.alam to bangi...even da mkn mee goreng kat umah, aku still rse excited nk mkn kat umah hihie coz sume mknan hihie yg msk sendiri!

erm macam2 ade...nasi arab...spageti...kek coklat...brownies...mcm2 ade! nyum nyum....mkn mmg x hengat...especially tang kek coklat yg hihie wat! haih da leh kawin ank dara sorg ni...mmg pakej! hahaha!

disebabkan we all melantak kow2 kat umah hihie...akibatnye sume melentok kat couch dpn tv...smpaikan posing amik gambar pon masing2 x bergerak ke tmpt lain...sume statik duk ats couch...haih bughuk perangai!

around 5pm we all gerak balik s.alam tp b4 dat had to say gd bye to hihie...damn it...i hate gd bye! rse sedey je mse peluk hihie...haih....we all mmg xjauh mane tp tuh ar mase tu agk ltd sbb masing2 byk hal nk wat...

along aka cik nora din, mambang, teratai hamid suggest kat we all starting january (after balik dr our penang road trip) jpe sebulan sekali...dis time xde la dpt ramai2...sesape yg nearby & free at dat time je for d nxt 5 years they all nk wat reunion yg besar2...all ACB's are invited...hope by dat time more >90% leh join...phm2 je la nti sure ade yg ter over bz...ter jauh sgt keje...sakit...mcm2 aral melintang :-)

owh tp kan there's smthg bothers me so result exam! haih risau nye aku....bdk segamat kater lecturers segamat da abes marking paper and found out 40% failed FAR....then wut about MAF yg aku da wat slek time exam tuh??? haih~~~~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

jennifer's body

honestly i cant understand wut d hell this movie is all about..

bile tgh free cite lak x best...haih~~

a msg from her + a bz day

i feel much better after read her msg this morning...she said sorry and just like me she cant sleep in peace coz of our dear fren, im so sorry too...n yes i miss our frenship too...hope this thing wont come between us again coz my life sucks without u!

my 2nd day after final exam is practically boring (but not so boring) and bz coz today i spent d whole day taking care of my nieces & nephews since my elder sister (along) wasnt feeling well...good timing sis ;-p

haih cant wait for thursday....2moro nk tgk wyg pon x jadik coz along x sehat...aiya boring lorh~~~

Monday, November 16, 2009

happy bday razak!

happy bday 2 u....
happy bday 2 u...
happy bday 2 u...
happy bday 2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

semoga dimurahkan rezki & sehat selalu ok!

anyway ni 1 of my approaches to show how sorry i am....nxt yr insyaallah aku dtg bday party ko ok! so as to other frens...sorry la aku over-bz smpai x smpat hang out dgn korang!

final exam da abes tapi....

suppose bile abes paper kiter celebr8 btul?

betul! aku mmg celebr8 pas abes paper...xde ar smpai wat party ke ape tp g la mkn2 lepak2 gelak2 dgn shaz, along, yani, shima, zura, kuza, aishah, farid & mat kat uptown dmnsara & seoul garden OU....

then nape aku rse mcm x lengkap?

1st sbb ckin pza fad hihi fizi shima & zura xde join kat seoul aku rse cam x cukup quorum!

2nd aku sgt2 la sedey sbb aku & 1 of my close frens ade issues which 1 of them aku xkan mtk maap sbb aku sgt yakin aku x salah dlm hal tu and others which aku xtau apehal nye but if tu salah aku...aku ready tuk mtk maap...but d thing is she disappeared just like that without reply msg aku...aku xkan call sbb kompom die x kan agkt...hopefully once die da cool down, die akn reply msg aku so then we can talk...

nape aku x rase "merdeka" mcm merdeka yg pernah aku rse few sems ago?

1st sbb aku frust nk mampos psl paper MAF640 aku...yes im still not over it! siut je paper ni kasi aku nightmare! menurunkan semangat aku tuk amik other 4 papers! huh~~

2nd sbb pasni da xde ari2 duk hadap muke member2...tu yg wat aku sedey~~~truth be told even tho byk challenges aku happy sgt dgn member2 yg aku ade skang....especially ckin pza nor hihi fad fizi shima zura & those yg stdy same2 dgn aku bile nk final exam (along shaz yani farid & mat)

conclusion: tah la aku pon xtau ape yg aku rse skang neyh~~~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FAR less sucks than MAF

huh d next pengalaman ngeri aku b4 exam....

semalam aku bgn tdo around 12 noon pastu trus siap2 g study dgn bdk2 klas; along, shaz, farid, mat, yani, kuza & ain....we all start stdy kul 3pm gak la lepas mkn & smbhyg sume...then ptg tuh yani kuza & ain balik dlu so tinggal la aku along shaz farid & mat....we all planned balik kul 11 so kul 12 da leh tido...kna la tido awl kan sbb takut blur dlm exam hall nti....japg disebabkan byk mende mcm still unclear dlm kul 12 lebey bru we all balik...aku beria la budget kul 1am mesti tido...mmg kul 1am tu aku da siap baring da...japgi golek sane golek sini....mata xmau lelap! pergh mmg bikin ati aku panas!

last2 kul 3am aku g mandi! pastu aku bukak laptop....budget nk tgk game chelsea-atletico madrid japg boley plak line x power nk dpt live streaming! tensen dowh! aku rse dlm 4.30am++ bru la mata ni dpt lelap...haih! paper kul 9am....bape jam je aku dpt tido klu aku kna bgn kul 8am??? cube kire sket.....

dgn mata yg ala2 burung hantu ni aku g amek exam dgn harapan hint sume kua....haih aku agk tension psl exit price (sbb aku duk focused kat historical cost), approved actg std (sbb aku duk hapal cf dgn bersungguh2 night b4 exam) and elements of FS (ni kompom jwpan aku slh!!! siot leh confused!)

apekah nasib ku sem ni????? waaaa~~~~~

tapi papehal pon honestly bg aku la kan....FAR less sucks than MAF! insyaAllah leh pass FAR ni...MAF? tah la

Saturday, October 31, 2009

hari BODOH aku!

penah rse yg diri korang bodoh??? aku x penah sbb before nie aku just rase aku agak lampi je tp kan arini aku rase ialah ari bodoh aku! ye bukan takat bebal! sbb ape? sbb aku xleh nk jwb paper MAF640! cam sial!!

aku stdy cam nk mampus ari2 since last tuesday..rse cam da td bile wat paper hampeh! aku x tau ape yg slek...aku tau jwpan nye...aku igt jwpan nyer tp otak cam x jln nk wat ayat...nk relate dgn case stdy...eeeeeeeeeeee babi btul la!!!!!!!

ade 5 soklan tp leh pilih tuk jwb 4...tau aku dpt jwb bape je td? 2!!! ye tuan2 dan puan2 aku mampu jwb 2 je td! tu pon da abes goreng yg aku leh! goreng cam bdk bingai nye jwpan! soklan ke3 aku dpt jwb a & b je...tu pon mmg cam xde kna ngena dgn soklan!

serious ni 1st time aku rse sangat3 lain mcm....rse cam bodoh...bebal...pelik apehal aku tau jwpan tp aku xleh nk put in writing...mmg aku ade prob in writing tuk MAF ni tp aku x sangke cani nye teruk aku nye bingai! ape slek nyer?? aku x ckup tido ke? psl aku demam ke? aku x sure sbenanye aku demam dr bile tp bgn tido pagi td mmg pale aku berdenyut gile...aku rse aku kna bgn gak sbb x recap ag last 2 chapters...

the point is nape aku leh blank dlm exam hall td?? aku tau jwpan xleh nk construct ayat....nape eh? apesal tetibe kna mental blocked camtuh?

balik dr exam aku trus amik keta tp xtau nk g ane...last2 aku duk termenung kat depan tasik (jog park)....dekat sejam gak la aku duk termenung kt c2 cam org gile! balik umah sewa lak...pas mandi aku rse loya semacam...kelam kabut aku msuk bilik air nk muntah! 2x lak tuh...trus demam! gile ah! ni mmg btul2 1st time aku kna cani!

aku rse aku over tension sbb dis time aku stdy agk dasat as compared to previous sems....dats why la bg bad impacts kat aku...abeh tu x kan nk memain kut? klu pndai xpe gak

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's good to know

it's good to know that finally i managed to let go of my feeling towards him...i dunno since i just realized it!

he called just now asking me to go out for dinner since we havent met quite a long time (i meant just the 2 of us) and surprisingly i said "im sorry i have tons of chapter to study" right away! without thinking twice trice or wut ever...i just spill it out! i dun think it was becoz i already had nasi lauk ayam which i bought at "Hakim" with farid & mat....i dun think it was becoz im so sleepy rite now...previously, i wont mind leaving behind my studies just to go out with him but not this time...hahahaha i am so feel good about it :-)

phew....wut a relip! hahaha~~~ lega btul rase nye hati gue

Monday, October 26, 2009

when guys in "control macho" mode, they tend to...

ok here's the thing...normally if pompuan control cun, there'll b 2 probabilities which 1st she might looks sweet & adorable in the eye of the guy OR 2nd they might end up fool herself for being someone else...same goes to if laki pun nk control macho!

johan called me inviting for dinner (at 10.30pm!) i was so not in d mood to eat but im bored as fizi hihi nor ckin pza were not around...fad went out for a screwed at home! totally flashed out! so wut d hell....i said ok! he picked me up at home and we went to somewhere in PJ (dun ask me where d hell kedai mkn tu...aku xtau okeyh...jgn tye aku psl jln klu korg x nk sesat jln!)

puas johan pujuk aku mkn sekali tp aku xmau...last2 die order 1 set of nasi tomyam (trust me....mangkuk die sgt besar okeyh!)....sementare menunggu order tu...ade la dtg a bunch of hot chicks (idok le lawa mane tp sexy la) they sat right behind me which means johan could make direct eye contact with them...from that moment i noticed that johan overly controlled macho...OMG! mamat ni da la originally control macho depan aku all d bile da ade hot chicks makin menjadi lak die nye control macho...plak tu tah apehal kemain gedik lg die dgn aku mlm was like; he was trying to show off that im his gf (coz he called "sayang" too much) but in d meantime he still available and that's why die main mata dgn hot chicks tu...dowh mamat ni~~

at first aku cam mls nk layan...lantak ko bile die da start nk pegang tgn aku......str8 away aku sound "lu pahal?" but of course la i made it sound like bergurau gak...xkan la nk malu kan member sdiri depan org kan...start dr tu aku cam ala2 bg signal (d way i talk to johan) kat bdk2 hot chicks tu yg mamat ensem tp poyo ni bkn bf aku....lelame diorg pasan diorg makin menggedik la kat blkg aku...haih~~~ adeh pening aku....yg si johan duk control macho x abes...

few minutes later nasi tomyam pon johan mtk cili potong...

aku pndang die dgn muke pelik and cakap "ko mtk cili potong? since when? u do realize tomyam mmg pedas kan?"

he looked me and said "ala ape sgt la cili potong...bkn leh kasi mati pon..."

sumpah aku nyampah dgn die mlm ni!

pastu die dengan muke berlagak nye hirup tomyam + cili potong....bru sedut sikit japg.......


hah kau! tersedak! time tu aku mmg terkejut gile ok! rse nk gelak pon ade gak! tp bile tgk muke johan jd merah (not sure psl tersedak or psl da malu sgt)...mata die pon merah berair...aku pon bgn la mtk air putih kat sorry la johan all d way nk g amik air putih tu mmg aku gelak kow2! sumpah lawak! hahahaha!! fuh dekat 5min gak nk menenangkan balik member aku yg sorang tuh...da lega tu lgsg die tuka order amik nasi sup ayam je!

p/s: next time jgn control macho sgt...jgn poyo sgt...tgk...kan da malu! ha...tgk??!!

hopefully johan x penah tau aku ade blog....amin!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jin Naughty a.k.a Kiambang Kulop

just to share with u guys that bdk2 puaka a.k.a bunga (along, shaz, fad, h2 & kuza) gave me 2 nicknames (nickname ke?) ;-p

1st of all bdk2 neyh g assigned name "Jin Naughty" sbb menurut mereka2 ni aku nakal & byk idea jahat...erm really? aku kan suke merepek...sape suh korang tangkap serious? hahahahaha! well mostly people gave me 1st impression like this "gile berlagak muke bdk ni!"

2nd is Kiambang Kulop...punca nye we've met along's chat fren...she used nickname of "water lily" which is so not along! so we teased her bout that stuff all night long...tah cane tah tetibe dtg idea tuk bg name bunga tuk sume org...kiambang for me coz im KEMBANG (thanx bdk2 puaka! kuang asam btul) gggggrrrrrrrr!

tuh la asal usul name Jin Naughty and Kiambang Kulop yg bdk2 puaka bg aku ;-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chelsea on rampage!

chelsea thrashed out blackburn 5-0 with givet's opening OWN goal (thanx to him anyway). Few minutes later lampard strike home from quite a long range shot with his left and boom! goal! and that was his opening goal for this far as i concern he was so happy and play more confident afterwards...i think he's gonna get another "20 per season" this time!

the thing is im happy not only because of we've won 5-0 but the lads were very well organised! in the absence of deco, we had j.cole who successfuly made a comeback! hope to see him more instead of disfunctional deco!

Friday, October 23, 2009

projek tempatan scandal revealed

hahahaha hari ni aku dgn nervous nye meng'reveal kerja2 terkutuk yg dilakukan sepanjang final sem @ uitm s.alam!

anyway projek tempatan ni kerja aku fad & nor....ckin & pza plak moral support team! ape yg kteorg wat ialah.....letak petai kat ats keta org2 yg kteorg knal....korg igt sng ke nk wat mende ni? susah tau...ko kna jage line ala2 mcm nk mencurik keta org....ko nk kna bwk petai g kelas...kdg2 ko kna berlari sbb nk selamatkan diri!

ade sekali tuh aku & fad da mcm org gile berlari kt multi level sbb nk takut org nmpak...kteorg letak 1 beg plastik pisang kat ats keta _ _ _ _ ha teka la!

ade sekali tuh lagik...aku fad nor da letak 1 beg plastic pisang ats keta proton saga aeroback...da siap amik gambar ni...pastu bru terpasan sticker keta tu kale merah....which means tu bukan keta hihi! ;-p

mse nk letak mask (wish hapy bday) kat side mirror keta farid lak....kteorg terpakse tunggu 15min sbb farid & mat lmbt sgt kua dr keta! tah ape diorg wat aku xtau (OMG!) hahaha actually diorg duk membace dlm keta sbb mse tu kteorg ade test! nk tunggu farid & mat blah nye pasal......aku fad nor lmbat masuk dewan tuk amik test about 10mins! sib bek sume passed! hahaha

lg sekali lak letak surat amaran kat keta farid....fad tukang tulis, aku & yani lak tukang contribute idea ape yg nk di warning kan kat farid!

so basically ade bbrp mangsa yg terlepas tp tu x bermaksud diorg akan terlepas lgsg....who knows minggu final exam aku fad nor perlukan entertainment so kteorg tetibe rajin wat hal ag sekali????

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MURNI @ pj

nyum nyum finally merase gak mkn kat cni! ;-)

1st of all thanx to farid the marshall yg berbesar hati bwk we girls & ge-girl g tmpt mkn MURNI ni...

2nd of all thanx to bunga2 yg memeriahkan (actually meng'kecoh'kan) keadaan sekitar...haih kelam kabut meja kteorg disebabkan pompuan2 neyh da naik syeikh (ke syarifah?) ;-p

3rd of all i had fun with them! sume nye masuk air...merepek meraban len duk elok...kteorg x abes2 gelak....sume nye betul2 lepaskan tension selame 3 bulan kna dera dgn uitm! ade je yg wat hal td....hahaha kdg2 bile pk balik apesal la mende yg bukan2 tah pape pon kteorg leh jadikan benda tu lawak pastu gelak cam org gile....adekah kami btul2 gile? hehehehe

4th of all d best thing bout MURNI is the foods & drinks are quite unique & delicious! everythg served in big portion and u wont feel like "alamak x kenyang agi" trust me u wont!

last but not least, korg knal ke sape bunga2 tu????? ha.....meh cni aku knal kan

1. Teratai Hamid -----> along (jawatan? chef!) (problem? mambang!)
2. Mawar Yunus -----> fad (jawatan? secretary) (problem? syaiiiittttttonnnnnnnnn)
3. Bakawali Harun -----> nor (jawatan? AJK ibadah & kerohanian) (problem? puaka!)
4. Selaseh Ma'rop ------> shaz (AJK makanan) (iblissss)
5. Anggerik Jakpo -----> hihie (chairman) (jembalang)
6. Kekwa Deris ----> kuza (x sure ajk ape) (suster ngengsot)
7. Jejarum Bahrom ----> was
8. Chengkih Seleman ----> yani
9. Tanjung Misbun ----> shima
10. Kenanga Sidek ----> zura
11. Cengal Mat Kesut ----> farid (boboy)
12. Meranti Mat Kuntum ----> mat (ge-girl)
13. Bakau anak lelaki .......... ------> safri

mine? rahsia! wawawa~~~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

afraid of letting people in

what it takes to let people in?

my eyes love to "cuci mata" usya hot guys especially omputih....dunno why omputih...sometimes i wonder why not malay guys? well maybe in malaysia there is significant shortage of hot-malay guy actor...kut ade pon sape je? remy ishak....hans isaac....aaron aziz....tu je? whereas klu omputih we have james lafferty, chad michael murray, chace crawford etc....even the footballers are way hotter than the actors! frank lampard....john terry...torres...fabregas...van persie...gerrard...even ferdinand! ok that's not d point! wut im trying to say here is i do love to appreciate ciptaan Allah....beautiful things....handsome guys! well korang pun same gak kan?

but somehow normally i end up fall for the moderate guys....those who really play it cool...very gentle...funny...kind....and caring! in short, those who is hot in a kindness manner!

some frens said that "ko ni high taste"

well maybe u r right...maybe u r not...but i think i just wanna be it's impossible for me to be so fussy & chosy since im not even beautiful

korang pnah pk ape views korg psl menda ni?

why u (or me) make it so hard to let people in?

like i said before...i just wanna be afraid of letting people in coz i dun wanna get hurt...last time it happened it hurt me so bad! wut else?

sometimes u have to consider about ur frens feelings....ur fren's gf/bf feelings....sometimes u know urself that u r not really a nice person so u cant let in someone who is very nice & charming coz u know u might end up take him for granted in future....

i wish i could write more for this part....just to share some facts...who knows this kind of thing might happen to you in future....

remember my previous post "me & my heart we got issues"?

sometimes (or most of d time) i dunno know what i do really want frm someone....i dunno whether it is permanent or temporary...after all 1 thing i realized is i always caught in d middle! my brain says "no i cant do that" but then my heart says "wut d heck? if u like him, just go for it"

70% im not certain with this 1 little issue but i'll try figure it out...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

me & my heart, we got issues

ever heard it from the Saturdays? it's a great song anyway...the singers are way better than PCD in terms of vocal & appearance but that's not d point....what im gonna talk about tonight is wut u gonna do when ur brain says no but ur heart says yes? complicated? i kno!

to be continued~~~

my open house

aku happy jpe member2 yg da lame x jpe...especially along! oh by d way ni aku refer pade along yg 1 kelas dgn aku mse wat dip kat die farhana

pastu cm biaser la geng2 classmates ACB lak dtg...dgn diorg2 ni mmg aku enjoy sgt2!

kazens aku kali ramai yg xde....ramai yg da makin bz da susah nk berkumpul mcm dulu2...masing2 da ade responsibility & commitment ;-)

ops....lupe nak ckp...for those yg call aku kul 4pm kate nk dtg tu...sorry sgt2 la korang...bkn x nk jpe korg...bkn xnk kasi korg aku da penat...esk aku ade lab test...aku ade quiz...aku ade asgmt FAR yg byk ag x wat...haih mcm2...plak tuh korg sampai dekat 20 org nk dtg...fuh x terlayan aku bile da ptg2 tuh...sorry yeh....lgpon korg dtg nk mkn catering da packing nak balik ;-) next time kte hang put somewhere ok? hehehehe jgn ngajuk ye...

great saturday with frens

semalam pepagi buta aku bgn tuk wat asgmt FAR600 sbb da de prog nk di wat pd siang hari...lepas puas memerah otak & segale organ2 yg ade dlm bdn aku...kul 1 aku tdo jap and kul 2 lebey aku gerak g open house as always la lepak & mkn2 dgn kuza (tuan umah), fad, nor, shaz, along, hihi, nad , atam, & ge-girl

bdk2 ni pantang nmpak aku pegang mknan diorg kompom amik gambar with intention nk sabotage aku kt fb dgn statement2 keji lagi hina (huh bdk2 bertuah!) sejam gak ar kat umah kuza tuh...lepas posing2 ( as always) around 4.30pm we all bertolak g semenyih (kat beroga)...

ok kteorg g smenyih sbb nk serbu umah nino pulak...ha sepanjang trip tuh mmg perot aku menjalankan exercise yg sgt baik! ge-girl & along wat lawak x benti...sib bek x krem pipi aku ;-p

si ge-girl a.k.a pemandu pelancong duk bercakap x benti last2 kteorg ter miss simpang (terlajak org tua2 kater) ala pusing2 situ gak sampai so no hal...

ge-girl cover line die kater "ha kan aku da kater jln die same je!" pastu die gelak sdiri sbb alasan die wat aku & along kutuk die kow2 agi hahahaha

tp kan yg best nye sepanjang trip pegi semenyih & balik s.alam tu kan ape tau...apart of gossip2 and lawak bodo kteorg...ade sst curang dgn boboy hahaha! anyway cite die xde la ape sgt tp ge-girl, nor & fad wat "msg terlampau"

astaghfirullah....korg nk tau ape yg diorg cakap?

ok memule nor msg aku die ckp "kreta kteorg WR... 12... jgn ignore kteorg tau, kterog xtau jln"

then aku ckp kat ge-girl "mat ko jgn laju sgt kang fad x pat nk folo"

si gegirl ckp "hang msg kat depa ckp cucuk rapat2 sayang....."

nor reply msg "kteorg try darling, takut tercium je"

ge-girl suh aku reply "camtulah i sayang"

ha tu kes mase pegi...balik lak lain citer...bdk2 ni naik syeikh!

fad msg aku "abg...slow ckit...sayang xleh nak cucuk"

ge-girl suh aku reply "sesuatu yg nikmat mesti laju2"

pergh time ni aku & along mmg gelak cam nak mam! geli + lawak + terkejut ayat tu kua dr mulut ge-girl! hahahaha

tp kan lg best bile fad reply msg..." nor x paham! pecah prut aku!"

hah kali ni aku along & ge-girl gelak lg teruk dr yg td...boley retak cermin keta aku dgn gegaran ketawa kteorg tuh!

hadui la....penat tau!

oh by d way...kat umah nino tu aku admire btul dgn masak lemak nino! sedap wo~~~~

balik dr umah nino...aku & ge-girl anta along kat puchong dlu sbb die ade opn hse lain plak...pas anta along...aku & ge-girl g tgk bola kat mamak....dan2 kteorg duduk kat kerusi...siap order ice blended...GOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! chelsea scored! timing baik punya! tp tuh la at last we lost to a.villa cet! but somehow xpela...kasi chance je kat manure close gap...klu jauh sgt chelsea lead, da x competitive la BPL...x gitu???? heh...kasi chance!

pas anta ge-girl amik moto die kat umah makteh...aku gerak g s13 balik jpe dgn few frens...adi, jimmy & allen....lepak2 dgn diorg jap...bukak cite lame...bukak gossip baru....hahaha! ingat laki x bergossip ke? silap ar korg!

balik umah aku dgn hati yg tabah berazam nk sambung wat FAR after mandi tp syg nye....mate aku tersangat la ngantuk...maka dgn itu......


Friday, October 16, 2009

hari yg mencabar tuk aku!!!

hahahaha not sure la ape yg korg bakal2 pk rite after went thru my story of d day but for sure i felt terrible + tired + haih mencarut x sudah~~~

pagi td kul 4 agknye bru aku dpt tido (after few times aku pakse mate ni suh tido)....kul 6.30am da kna bgn and 7.30 fad da smpai umah sewa aku...nk g kelas awl sbb nk rebut parking kt seroja! japg smpai pintu s2, pak guard kat luar pagar agi da ready ttp jln and halau keta2 yg xde sticker konvo...mcm si**!

kteorg pun ngalah g park kat bintang pastu amik bus...gile penuh...kna berdiri...tgn sebelah pegang file...sebelah kna paut kt tmpt pegang tuh kurangkan potensi jatuh tersungkur whenever bus tekan brake...punye la byk bus stop die benti! loya tekak aku...perut aku...mak aih sumpah nk muntah!

lepas abes azab presentation FAR600 (d scariest thing ever after final exam) kteorg pon ready nk balik...

40mins tunggu bus uitm tau x!! mcm si** btol la! last2 terpakse naik rapid! cilake nye uitm! cilake nye pak guard! pembohong besar! penipu! kate ade byk bus! rm1 aku bayar tuk rapid tu leh wat beli apam 3 ketul tau x?

tu 1 hal...bile da smpai tempat benti...aku & fad dgn confident nye trun sbb folo shima & zura...pastu shima & zura tunjuk kteorg jln yg dekat tuk kiteorg g kat tmpt keta....tgh terkedek2 jln tgh panas...tepi jln yg berhabuk (ala2 berpotensi sesakkan peparu aku)....japg bus tu lalu tepi kteorg n benti kat d other simpang which supposed to be our stop! hahaha malu siot! kompom org dlm bus & driver bus tu gelakkan kteorg...

sure diorg kate "bodo btul bdk pompuan 2 org ni"

aku & fad da gelak cam org gile okeyh kt tepi jln tuh! gile ah jauh berjln dr simpang g tmpt keta...berpeluh2 cam ape je...da duk dlm keta...kaki aku siap menggeletar agi! cam cibai uitm ni! geramnye aku!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

kami ber-picnic

pagi td aku ter sangat la sengsara time klas FAR600...ngantuk xleyh blah! smpaikan puan break 2-3min sbb pc suddenly off pon aku terus lentuk pale ats meja and...zzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz

pas kelas...g anta group project kt lecturers (fuh setel 3 bala!!) pastu g pasar dgn fad a.k.a cik thonnnn, nor a.k.a cik ka, & along a.k.a cik mam (tp aku duk dlm keta je la.....diorg be3 yg g masuk pasar...heheheh). pas pasar g tesco lak...pastu g kedai runcit lak...haih payah bena nk carik brg2! penat la! ha tu sume semate2 tuk ber-picnic! sakan!

bkn mmg like hell cane pon we all need leisure time to do things other than stdy & project papers! arini for d vry 1st time aku wat fruit cocktail...tu pon resepi frm fizi...& bantuan frm shima, ct, adda & hihi! klu diorg xde aku yakin fruit cocktail aku jd sirap laici je!

yg ade ptg td aku (of course la!), fad, nor, hihi, along, shima, shaz, ct, adda, nermine, zira, yani & salwa......mcm2 mknan ade...spaghetti, potato salad, nugget, fries, fruit cocktail, coklat, heh mcm2 ade! tp yg plaing penting is....looooooooooooooooooooooodehhhh! pergh sedap! hebat gile kengkawan aku msk!

we had fun! mcm2 lawak bangang ade arini (as usual) yg org len dgr trus rse kteorg ni mcm sekumpulan bdk2 terencat ;-p

erm im so gonna miss u girls :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

yana's coming back

she's coming back... ;-)

still under treatment and got another 4 chemo sessions to go but she seems more energetic! she's joking i can hear again d word "wawawawa" that she been using a lot since 1st day i met her....she can eats chocolate again....i also invited her to come to my opn hse this 17th....of course she cant eat those lauk pauk from the catering but i promised her a box of kit kat ;-)

today is 8th oct so there's 9 days to go b4 my opn hse...kite doa same2 she becomes healthier and da bertambah menda yg boleyh dimakan... :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

radio bergerak

ha arini tah ape penyakit along, shaz, kuza, & fad...diorg assigned name2 buruk huduh & hina kat kengkawan diorg termasuk aku!

fad: syaiton
kuza: puaka
shaz: iblis
hihi: jembalang
along: setan
aku: jin (ade ke patut?) sgt x patut kan????

arini we all discuss psl pot luck @ dataran for this friday....x sabar! after tons of project papers...tests...quizzes...and presentations...we need smthg fun to do...we need entertainment!

anyway arini sgt tension & penat for all of us since we all stucked with datelines and new i wish lecturers be more prepared and come up with better study plan so that students can do things in orderly manner....

too much topics to cover within few weeks is so not cool! i just dont get it why this sem seems very short and "x berhati perut"! normally sem yg tgh thn ni july-oct...nov da abes final exam...GILE!

aku x gemor btul klu rushing cenggini~~~~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chelsea won!

yeah we've won against liverFOOLS!

d best part of this match was during 1st half chelsea was a bit shaky here and there...the midfields was not working really well....essien & frankie not up to their standards....deco & ballack played like shit...wonder why ancelotti put him off the bench while obviously he has better options like j.cole, yuri zhirkov & even malouda

to play team like liverfools & manure we need strong midfields to combine with 2 flexible wingers...only then we manage to feed the forwards and assist them towards goals! i cant see those qualities in ballack & deco...maybe for ballack ok...he's strong but inconsistent! he rushed for goals and end up hit his own teammates...luckily drog not injured for that...but deco? nah...he's way too clumsy on the pitch! pretty good during opening but below par before end of 1st quarter of the season!

2nd half was the moment of the truth! both teams inspired to seal the game...few great saves made by reina & even hilario! the 1st goal by anelka was superb...but the greatest part was the way drog assist him! i jumped over, shouted and dance in the living hall! singing for blue is d color...

for the remaining 25mins the game became really exciting! my heartbeat was nearly stop...lucky me during final min we scored again....super fantastic play by drog! again!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Open House Dr. Norazam

12pm abes je test 2 AUD610 bdk2 klas aku kumpul kat depan seroja n gerak g umah sir azam...fuh otak yg letih...perut yg lapar...rse x sabar je nk smpai umah die!

as usual prangai buruk kiteorg sampai je trus mkn...sib bek sempat salam dulu his wife before amik pinggan! hahaha rakus bebeno gamaknyer! sedap btul nasi minyak! ayam sambal....fuh mengancam! tp......

ala ank die sume nye bdk lagik la....rugi btul! ;-p

duk lepak2 borak2 mkn2 dgn bdk2 klas sume....pastu sir azam cma biaser ade je mende lawak yg kua dr mulut die...kt umah & kelas cenggitu gak perangai die eh??? sure wife die happy! ;-) how i wish dpt hubby yg lots of sense of humor! and sometimes laser...coz these people normally speaks out what they have in mind so then u can know him/her better!

so time tgh mkn tuh...suddenly teringat yana...cane agaknye die...ape die mkn...ape die wat...da mkn ubat ke belum...haih...yana i miss u :-(

speaking of sakit ni...aku bru tau yg kira rupenye tgh mc...patutla lame x nmpak die kat fac...bile tye die sakit ape...die tanak cakap...die kate dun worry...die kan klu da mc lame tuh mestilah ade pape btul x? haih kira what ever it is hope u'll get better soon...what ever happen plz tell us coz we do care about u...ok hunny bunny?

abah pon arini demam...anyway dr semlm da demam...kesian abah...penat keje...demam lak tuh... to conclude overall aktvt mkn2 & lepak2 mmg kurangkan sikit rse tension! anyway did u know laughing is an exercise for ur cheekbone so that u face shape might be look better & younger?

lepas tu lak ptg-mlm lepak umah k.ah saje2 je wat surprise bday party for siblings & other cousins were there too!

i had fun today ;-)
hopefully abah baik demam cepat
hopefully kira spon sihat cepat
hopefully yana bertahan tuk habiskan chemo


Friday, October 2, 2009

Open House Yani

had super fun today with fad, nor, hihi, shima, zura, farid & mat at yani's :-)

around 3pm we all gerak dr umah sewa aku...jln x jam...bagus! sbb perut aku da bergendang kow2 punyer~~~ smpai je umah yani...parents die xde....guests lain pon kiteorg pon wat mcm umah sdiri la...msuk umah je str8 g meja mkn! ceh bdk2 ni xtau malu btul!

yani masak nasi ayam...mee rebus...mee bandung...nasi impit...daging sambal & kuah kacang! tp aku mkn nasi ayam je sbb mee bandung & rebus tuh ade udang...aku lak dr smlm gatal hidung xleh terpakse tgk je la heh~~~ da pas mkn2 tuh yani served french fries lak...best3!

sambil mkn sambil posing tu perkare biaser....masing2 gile camera...sume org pun tau....especially nor...minah ni very cameraholic! ;-)

tp yg best nye arini even x ramai yg ade kiteorg still bergumbira....lawak bangang kompom ade...sound2 org psl mcm2 kompom ade...sume btul2 enjoy d evening...kasi release tension stdy aud semlm....and to boost energy tuk stdy aud lg sekali mlm ni...sbb.....esk kteorg ade test 2!

arini selepas otak aku diransang oleh 8 kanak2 riang...aku secare tetibe dapat name baru tuk "abang" & "adik"....skang tuk abang name baru die "boboy"....adik lak "ge-girl" ;-) sbb ape? hahaha pjg cite nyer....kteorg je yg tau hahaha~~~

fad & hihi arini tunjuk skill dukung baby tuh cute! die x nangis pon bile org lain pegang...die pandang kiteorg sume smbil mulut ternganga mcm nk ckp smthg dgn kteorg....die blum leh ckp tp die ade la wat bunyi2 yg comeyl.... ;-)

aku nk sediakan bbrp award arini...

1) muke plg ceria : shima

minah ni mmg muke ceria all d time!

2) plg byk gelak: zura

minah tang gelakkan org die mmg pndai...syabas!

3) plg sikit mkn: fad & hihi

minah be2 ni pemberi semangat pd aku tuk diet!

4) plg gile camera: nor

plg cepat bg pose bile nampak camera hahaha

5) plg byk mkn: aku

lapar dowh...dr pg x sekeping roti kosong :-( x salahkan aku mkn byk td??

6) mangsa keadaan: farid & mat

dr dlm keta agi aku hihi & zura da bahankan mamat be2 ni...bile da sampai pon kena gak...diorg x melawan? sape kate diorg x melawan? diorg since girls lagik ramai....paham2 sdiri je la...plg best bile time nak balik...ade org tuh kunci keta die ilang...hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


1st class of d day usual sucked & bored! makcik raenah ni planning on extra class coz practically we running out of time since we still have lots to cover within 3 weeks....she said we might need extra class for presentation which i hate it so much coz we dont have stdy week this sem and wut d hell? extra class? when r we gonna start stdy for d finals??? aiya...kaco daun la makcik person i think she's ok but then her teaching method didnt suit me well enough haih~~~

2nd class, AUD610...during class....fad put on some "creative works" on pza's was more like conteng2 & mengarut....while ckin & I were "berlakon" konon2 folo ape yg pn zaini ajar at d front! kiteorg tlg sambung ayat...smbil d mean time....aku tlg conteng2 kertas along...saje kaco die ;-p after 1st half of d period we took a break and she said that she want a group of students to present chapter CIS... she picked name frm the attendance list....shikin was d 3rd person picked by her and everyone senyum lega + tersengih2 + gelak2 sbb selamat! yg plg kuat mestilah aku sbb ckin sblh aku and time tuh aku duk sakat shaz....but then puan kater nk at least 6 persons! haih sudah....wat hal...sume saspens balik....4th person was shima....then she said

"ok nk tgk yg "Z" pulak..."

aku da bisik (bisik ke? xde la bisik sgt) kat along & ckin "kompom zura kena"

sekali btul! mmg zura kena...bdk2 gelakkan diorg be2 coz those 2 are best pdn muke! then puan kate ag

"ok last sekali nk pilih "S" pulak"

GULP!!! aku terkezot....sbb x ramai yg S dlm kelas aku...along da start psycho aku....then puan kater

"ha nk pilih name yg mcm penyanyi lak"

duh!!!!! confirm la aku yg kena! bdk2 sume da gelak dgn besar nye sambil tepuk tgn....few of them mane yg ngam dgn aku da pandang tepat kat aku....ceh! xleh belah tgk diorg time tuh ;-p

anyway diorg happy sgt smbil tepuk tgn sbb
1) diorg lega sbb selamat drp 1 bala since name aku adelah mangse terakhir
2) aku byk sgt bercakap & kacau org so da kna wat presentation ni...pdn muke aku

ckin lak happy sbb die ade geng sbb die xde la rapat sgt dgn lg 4org malang yg terpilih tuh...

3rd class lak is publicity seekers' day! fad, ckin, pza & 1 mencapub x abes2....amik gambar byk kali...wat lab tu mcm kiteorg sdiri nye...x lame pastu nor lak dtg...die pon same naik!

tonight i HAVE to....i MUST start stdy for test 2....start with AUD610 coz lots of topic to cover! shoot! AUD571? on saturday la bru start....insyaallah sempat! :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009


arini nor & fad adelah syaiton terbesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr sbb bjaye influenced aku tuk ponteng klas MAF & AUD! ni pak guard nye psl la ni....klu x de ngade suh park kt pdg kawad aku xkan terpengaruh dgn fad & nor...aku bkn ape...kang klu fad & nor x g klas...bile balik nti aku kna nek bus sorg2 g amik keta kt pdg kwd....isk isk isk...xmau...takuuuuutttt! nk gerak skali dgn hihi xle sbb hihi da park kt seroja...nk tumpang keta die pon xleh sbb die mmg da ber5...unless klu aku nk duk kt boot ;-p

make dgn ini aku kebusanan kat umah bgus gak aku balik sbb period pain makin menggile skang ni...klu duk kt klas sure aku da serabut & x selesa...haih tp still boring...nk wat AIS mcm mls sbb nti ari rabu xde pape nk wat kat lab...nk stdy AUD tuk test...tgh xde mood...tido? tgk ar kang...mata tgh x bape nk ngantuk...

haih boring~~~~~~~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

keBOSANan tahap MAX

gile nye boring~~~ knape aku selalu boring? aku ni x bersyukur dgn ape yg Allah da bagi ke? tah la tp yg kompom skang aku klu boring nape aku x g je open house kengkawan aku? sbb.........aku PUASA~~~~ hehehe...smlm skipped 3 open house...arini skipped 4 open house...apesal diorg wat dis week? dis week aku nk puasa la...wat la nxt week ke...nxt 2 wk ke...apela korang ni~~~ (hehehe apehal lak salahkan org neyh???)

disebabkan boring...aku tetibe dtg 1 idea bangang ie aku g surf psl secrets of ur body...jeng3x~~~

ok here's what i found out bout me...xde la nk caye sgt...omputih kater caye 50-50 je...yg cam ala2 betul tuh maybe coincidence...who knows? hehehe

1) Dahi dengan juntaian anak rambut: Rambutnya dibiarkan berjuntaian di dahinya. Mereka dikatakan seorang yang bijak serta sangat pemurah. Mereka juga suka memberikan pertolongan kepada teman – teman yang memerlukan hinggakan kadangkala mengenepikan kepentingan sendiri. Itu menyebabkan ramai yang menyayangi mereka.Kelemahan diri pula, mereka agak boros dalam soal berbelanja. Tak hairanlah,asyik ‘over budget’ saja! Mereka juga sukar bersikap tegas dan lembut hati. Itu menyebabkan mereka mudah dipengaruhi hingga dipergunakan oleh orang lain!

komen aku: bijak ke? pemurah ke? helpful? lg kelaka! ngeh ngeh ngeh~~~

2) Jika berjalan menatap lurus ke depan: Wanita seperti ini biasanya memiliki pendirian yang teguh, bukan senang hendak menggoncangkan imannya. Jangan sekali-sekali menentang apa yang pernah dikatanya, jika anda tidak mahu mendengar dia berleter panjang lebar. Meski pendiriannya teguh, tapi dia selalu berselisih pendapat. Jangan hairan jika wanita seperti ini hanya mahu berbual dengan orang yang berpengalaman luas.

komen: iman? kuat ke? berleter? hm btul3x! wwwuuuuuu memilih org...yeke?

lagi? mls nak copy paste da~~~

bubye! :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

stamford bridge

just now i went thru melur's photo album.....she went to stamford bridge!!!!! haih i been dying to go there isk isk isk :-(

if only abah ibu give me permission to go there ALONE, i think i already been there...but since they dont...for now im so screwed! i need to find someone or anyone to accompany 1st i did ask my fellow chelsea fan-kazen to go there with me...he said ok but then he so bz with his work & soon-to-be business, so i dont think i should disturb him with this crazy chelsea thing...he got so much other grown up things to do rather than layan kan plan adik sedare die hehehehe~~~ others? well it turned out we both the only chelsea fans in my friends? they're not willing to spend crazy amount of money just like that....but some said they'll consider it once they got job with fabulous pay! haih~~~ kesian aku! chelsea friends? x ramai la...xtau la apesal malaysians ramai sgt yg support liverfool & manure! haih!

then how? should i wait to get married then begging my hubby to honeymoon in london? @ stamford bridge? erm.......too long to wait! i cant!

owh by d way bru td melur suh aku doakan die cepat kaye so that die leh teman aku g stamford bridge....if that case ari2 aku doakan utk ko melur :-) hehehehe.....

Raya! Raya! Raya!

mlm raye

me & kazens main! coz da lame x main ;-) and biaser la sambil2 tuh posing dpn camera la kiteorg sume dat still meng usya kelibat abah arin coz some of the mercun agk bahye (klu ikut std set by abah arin & co)....ade sekali tuh rite after bakar 1 mercun roket abah arin mcm nk dtg kat kiteorg, kelam kabut sume nk masuk umah tp tah cane abah arin stop kat abah aku & busu syukor kat tangga then borak2 kt c2 je...phew selamat!!

eh aku pnah bgtau sape tu abah arin? he's my uncle a.k.a my dad's eldest brother :-)

raya 1

pagi raya after salam2 dgn abah ibu & family kt krubong, aku & family gerak g a.gajah lak...on d way tuh teringat kat yana....ape die tgh wat....ape die mkn pagi ni....selain family die sape lg ade dgn die kat hosp....die nangis ke...die da mkn ubat ke...die da minum horlicks & susu ensure ke....haih macam2! aku rindu kat die...aku riso kan die!

kat a.gajah lepas kutip2 duit biaser la amilk gambar dgn family & kazens...(aktvt biaser for us yg gile camera...keskeskes) owh jap...udin kazen aku still wat offer die akn double duit raye aku klu chelsea kalah game mlm tuh....cet no way buddy!

mlm raye tuh kul 8.30pm aku & ancul da bjaye pujuk syafi tukar channel tv...bdk sorg tuh asik nk ngadap kartun so kiteorg terpakse jual ayat manis kat die so that we baoth can watch football was a crazy nite....aku, ancul & others menjerit2 and mcm2 expression kiteorg wat even abah (yg selalunye cool or plg tak pon gelak besar je klu ade papehal) pun bersorak & tepuk tangan bile mu was fooled by hahaha! nenek2 sume nye terkejut bile kiteorg menjerit...siap kna warning ag kiteorg ;-p bergegar umah nenek aku!

game chelsea lak mlm tuh too easy for us....chelsea is too strong too good for tottenham hotspurs! we made an easy win! ;-)

raye 2

nothing much we did on 2nd raya...g jln umah sedare (yg aku x bape knal tp x phm apesal mesti kna g every year :-( haih~~~~) umah tu x jauh pn dr umah nenek......lepas tuh g jln2 merate tmpt dgn along, mamat, acik, busu pisha, & busu amat then bru g umah mkngah lak...ha kt umah mkngah mmg fun! melantak mee goreng & sambal udang~~~~~~~ to b honest kat umah mkngah aku rse free to to do anythg! that's call FUN! hehehe

mlm tu kiteorg pasang pelita keliling umah...and spent time chatting dgn pakcik makcik & nenek

owh another thing...dat night apis bgtau aku yg die beraye kt hosp coz her mum got kidneys problem...need to do dialisis (x sure cane nk eja)....kesian mak die...aku tau yg da lame mak die sakit and he's been taking over few responsibilities at home like cooking & cleaning tp xtau lak psl kidneys prob tuh...

raye 3

3rd raye lak my soon-to-be busu dtg with her mom & aunts prepared nasi tomato...very delicious 1 i tell ya! aku ade ajk few frens (membe dip @ uitm melaka) dtg umah nenek mkn2....supposed to be 5 of them but pza couldnt come...shimi having guests...and rizal got to back to s.alam coz he got class on d next day so there were zaki & azwan....happy jpe diorg...da lame x borak2 dgn for d last 2 raya aku wat open house kat s.alam diorg xpat dtg sbb duk jauh...

mlm raye again aku & aunts tgk movie & chit chat a.k.a gossip ;-)

raye 4

went back home in s.alam! yay!!!! (got my bed back!) hehehe

Friday, September 18, 2009

salah keta

korg penah tersalah masuk keta?

nk tau nape tetibe aku nk cite psl ni?

kes 1

td fadil call, kiteorg borak2 then bukak ar cite last week....

kiteorg buke same2 kt bangsar...around 10.30pm++ kiteorg ready tuk balik...smbil jln ke keta tu kiteorg borak2 la...japg aku cam susah nk carik nset dlm beg...smbil bercakap dgn fadil tu aku carik nset dlm beg japg tetibe aku rse mcm aku tgh ckp sorg2....aku pandang depan then nmpak fadil jln menonong ke depan and str8 away g kat 1 keta....smbil ckp sorg2! aku cek keta & no plat keta yg depan aku ni....

"eh btul ni keta fadil...mane lak die nk g tu"

japg dgn selambenye si fadil masuk dlm 1 keta and......


aku dgr sore bbrp org pompuan jerit (dgn suare yg gedikssss)

hah kan dah...sib bek la org x dtg pukul si fadil...wat nye org igt die nk pecah masuk keta & wat jahat kat ank dara org x pepasal je kna titik dgn org2 kt c2....

tp serious lawak dowh....busuk gile prangai! keta sdiri pon x knal ke? aku sgt yakin die x kua kan kunci dr poket...punye la duk ralit bercite smpai slh keta...siap masuk lak tuh...haih~~~~~ klu la dpt record incident tuh kan best!

kes 2

ni akak aku yg ke2 aku nye prangai lak...

along dropped angah depan POS malaysia...angah masuk dlm then along pusing tuk park kt tmpt lain xjauh dr c2 (sgt x jauh actually), angah kua dr POS office menonong trus masuk dlm 1 keta (same dgn kiteorg) yg park kt exactly spot along benti kan angah memule td...

ghupenye si angah da masuk dlm keta sorg cina! hahaha....angah siap bukak pintu & duduk separuh punggung dlm keta lak tuh! terkujat cina tuh smbil ckp "eh lu sapa?" keskeskes~~~~

kes 3

dulu mse form ex-besfren selalu teman tunggu along dtg amek aku kt simpang tepi sekolah...around 7pm nmpak ade 1 pajero dtg...kiteorg be2 pon ber "bye-bye" la...yan da lintas jln...aku lak da half way....aku da ulur tgn ready nk bukak pintu keta japg keta tuh leh trus bergerak! aku ternmpak no plat lain! on d other side my ex-besfren da gelak kow2 sbb kiteorg da slh keta! that pajero tuh slow kan keta sbb nk kua d time aku nk bukak pintu, pajero tu da dpt kua dr simpang! cet! siot! sib bek la da kul 7pm time tuh...ramai org da balik...klu x wat malu je org nmpak~~~

so nasihat aku skang korg sile jd lebih perihatin yeh bab2 nk masuk keta neyh...bkn ape....malu da la 1 hal....japg wat nye tetibe termausk keta org jht....sesia je kna kidnap! so sile la berhati2

Thursday, September 17, 2009

pencarian yg berakhir....

ok aku rse ramai kwn2 aku da tau yg aku still x jpe wedges & handbag tuk raye....FYI aku still xjpe smpai la arini!

pg td g OU la konon2 nk carik handbag & wedges...carik nye carik tp x jpe! last2 aku beli....jeans! sigh~~~ xde kna ngena dgn wishlist aku lgsg! tp nk wat cane kan...da x jpe yg berkenan...aku ni choosy sgt la! tah pape je...kdg2 tuh mcm aku ade kt shopg complex tp mind aku tah ke mane...tuh yg x concentrate tu!

da awl2 ptg sikit tuh tersempak dgn member...die bru balik kje (half day sbenanye) saje singgah OU jln2...lepak la dgn die jap...jln2...tgk brg...japg tersempak dgn parents die lak! haih~~~ da aku ni pulak diingat nye bakal menantu! bile aku ckp tak...bukan....mak die kate "ala pemalu nye pulak....ank dara sape la ni" hahahaha! membe aku dgn siot nye wat muke selambe xde nak tlg lepaskan aku dr situation tuh! kuang ajo nye member~~~

ok back to d main point....arini pon da ari khamis...esk jumaat so x mgkin la aku akn ade ati nk kua g shopg ag even tho aku tau aku xde wedges & hdbag tah la...aku da penat da agk byk duit parents aku yg aku perabih tuk shopg so aku rse cukup2 la tuh....nxt time je la wedges & hdbag tuh....

maka dgn ini aku dukacita mengumumkan pencarian aku da berakhir~~~ :-(

bus bus bus bus....

haaaaa 1 advantage aku dpt from taking bus to faculty is dis week 2x aku tersempak dgn someone really good looks! does he? well maybe not...good body? yeah that one lebih tepat! bukan la tough ke die mcm "berisi yg sedap2" eh jap mcm lucah je bunyik...

ala cane nk explain yeh? cani la meh cni aku describe...die tinggi...taste aku! die x kurus...x gemuk...bdn die "sedap2"...ala tergune perkataan tu die xde la tough just that u feel safe around him...anyway...taste aku! muke die? aku rse mcm ala2 aqasya...yeke? x sure...kna cn4m nbalik kat fad hehehe....

1st day aku nmpak die last monday...then pagi rabu nmpak agi fad yg nmpak dulu...

fad nmpak die trus ckp cani "sara! tu bdk yg ko usya arituh"

aku ckp "ha bile aku usya org?"

fad wat muke letih pandang aku smbil tunjuk tgn kt some1 n ckp "tuh la....bdk tuh!"

aku pon trus....."haah! haish!"

hehehehe gatai sungguh ank dara skang! ha maybe ni salah 1 factor farid kate aku bukan ank dara sejati! hahahahah! siot sunggguuuuhhhhh!

wut d hell is wrong with u?

smlm lepas farid & mat anta aku kt umah...aku str8 away g s13 jpe membe...kiteorg da janji nk jpe around 10pm tp aku terlambat sikit...ok aku slh...x kesah la die nk ngomel tah ape penyakit mamat seko ni...die bantai ngomel smpai 15min...aku da la penat...phm la sket...aku bukannye g shopg ke hape ke...aku g tgk membe kt hospital kut...haih x pepasal aku hangin dgn die smlm! agak2 ar ko bukan bf aku!

yg bangang nye...bile die tye aku g ngan sape...aku sebut name nor farid mat...japg dgn muke selambe die kater

"smpai 2-3 laki awk kua dlm 1 ari?"

klu korang kna tye soklan camtuh...ape reaction korg?

ade rse nk baling kerusi kt muke die x? aku mmg ade rse cam malu la plak wat scene depan org ramai kan?

ade rse nk ngajuk trus balik umah? aku ade sikit kecik ati la bile die ckp camtuh tp klu aku trus balik aku rse mcm lemah nye ckp camtuh trus blah x back up diri sdiri...tul x?

last2 aku ckp...

"ape slhnye? ade syarat ke dlm 1 ari boleyh kua dgn bape org membe? ade?"

ha bile aku da ckp camtuh make dgn demikian bahawasanye die pon senyum mcm bab1....nk cover konon2 die tgh joking la~~~ haih rse nk penampor je tgk muke die time tuh! klu cani nye perangai mmg aku xyah pk 2x la....

aku nyampah btul dgn org yg kolot camtuh tau....ape slh nye membe laki & pompuan hang out same2??? wut d hell klu be2 je pon? diorg ni x reti beza ke d difference between "hang out" and "dating"? psl semlm wat aku sedar yg ape yg aku pk x same dgn ape yg die pk...

ade few things he mentioned last nite wat aku suspect yg die pk we both are dating exclusively...ayat suspect tuh cam x make it concrete die clearly mentioned it but in a different way (org bodoh je yg x sedar) hahaha....but i chose to be "org bodo" wat2 x phm & x sedar...haih~~~~

oh frens~~~

ok where to start...


well nothing much to talk was a fine day though....buka puasa with ckin & pza @ the secret recipe...we talked...we gossipED...and yeah i had fun that night...we rarely spent time together this sem...i meant other than during the class time coz those 2 my bestfriends not really suke merayau & melepak hehehe~~~ plus ckin pun bz with conclusion part for our 2 group projects...xpe after raye we have plenty time to kill for fun! ;-)


owh external audit cancelled suddenly so many of them just str8 away go home while few of us who had internal audit class at 12.30 grabbed chance to sleep...kiteorg susun kerusi byk2 & pjg2 pastu zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz~~~~ that night aku fad nor along shaz kuza moja izah & aishah (adik nor) buka puasa same2...smbhyg maghrib, hajat, isyak & bace yassin same2....not only that biaser la pompuan klu da duk ramai2 mestilah ade yg open hot gossip...hehehe....haish bru je wat amal ibadat japg ade lak yg bukak gossip...(aku x ckp pon yg aku x de bukak pape cite) ngeh ngeh ngeh~~~ best la mlm tuh...rugi sape yg x join ;-p

balik je dr umah nor...aku balik umah...tried to finish up my AUD571 group project with Mat...haih pening gile nk wat keje ni...around 1am i gave up and went to sleep! no matter how ehausted i am, i wont skip my beloved chelsea's match! no way hon! yeah the game wasnt as fun as i expected but wut d long as we won the match!


haih it was a presentation day! for AIS630...d most hated subject...but the lecturer...Prof Dr. Norazam...he's rock! hahaha "suke ngusik org tua"

well there was a bit prob during team member took such a long time to present his part (im not sure whether he aware or not that time was 12noon and everyone da start gelisah nk balik) but the thing is...die amik mse yg sgt lame smpaikan Prof Dr Norazam main2 baling marker pen & kertas kat bdk2 yg duk depan die (bdk2 yg main internet)....plak tuh the other team member kinda pushed me to stop my team member yg tgh present tuh...nape suh aku? xkan la aku nk selambe je suh die stop present? jgn wat aku cani...jgn letak aku kt tmpt tuk rase serba slh...plllzzzzzzzzzz! yes aku mmg celupar tp sometimes aku x smpai ati...last2 bile aku wat pekak and continued enjoy tgk prof dr norazam baling2 kertas, my 2nd team member tuh ckp kat yg "tgh present" tuh suh stop...aku x rse "yg tgh present" tu dgr...kut die dgr pun aku rse die akn continue gak...

smpai la da 5-10min pastuh prof dr norazam dgn selambe nye ckp

"ok that's all kan? da abes kan? xde lagik kan?"

padehal presenter tgh duk ckp sdiri phm die pon trus la benti...ok dat time dah 12.15++ so terpakse la aku "express" gile present part aku! anyway disebabkan nk express sgt aku jadik membace je kt depan fact byk point yg aku skip sbb before our group ade group yg da present soklan same so aku pon switch to other points but to b honest my presentation was suck! suckie junkie presentation! haih~~~~~~~

ok tghari tuh balik umah sewa...most of my housemates ready to go home and we all salam2 la...yela salam raye...korg jgn la jeles!

ptg lak farid & mat dtg amik aku kat umah...we went to pick nor at her's and str8 away to ppum to visit yana...along d way hujan sgt3x lebat! jammed! gile2 nye jammed! bulan puasa...mse tu kul 5pm...hujan...wut did u expect?

owh ade 1 mende...ade ke patut farid ckp aku xde gaye anak dara? kuang asam nye member~~~ die kate nor anak dara sejati tp aku x...ade ke patut? ade ke patut? ade ke? ade? patut ke? yeah i know he was joking but it made me wonder...what it takes to look like one? xpe nti aku tye die..die x bg jawapan tepat aku belasah die...tu pon klu aku brani la hohoho~~~

kat hospital...yana tgh mkn mse kiteorg smpai...duk borak2 dgn yana & mak die...kesian tgk yana...makin kurus...effect chemo pon da nmpak...hopefully yana cepat2 sehat....anyway btol gak ape yg mak die suggest...die dtg skali time konvo so that we all leh amek gambar same2...insyallah yana cepat sehat...sape2 yg bace blog aku ni doakan la kwn aku tuh cepat sehat yeh...

balik dr ppum kiteorg singgah petronas buke puase....aku mkn kuih raye yg shaz wat...SEDAP!!! thanx shaz!! nor smpai nk mtk sikit aku nye...sib bek by d time die nk ckp aku da sumbat sume dlm mulut hahahahaha!!!! pas kiteorg smbhyg, kiteorg g the curve tuk buke puasa...mkn kat vivo...nor & farid behave sikit bab2 mkn tp aku & mat mkn sepuas ati...pudat selagi boleyh...ngeh ngeh ngeh....tah saka jenis ape yg kiteorg bwk pon aku x sure ;-p

overall despite yana's condition we all had fun last sedey sikit la bile pk smlm last day buke pose dgn bdk2 klas sbb pasni masing2 da keje...da g terabur...bile ag nk jpe xtau la...yg cn4m aku akan rindu diorg sume2... :-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


today i went to class by BUS coz pak guard as usual being jackass to students...parked my car at pdg kawad and took a shuttle bus....damn it mual giler! especially bile nak nek bukit...hai...Allah je yg tau cane bergelodak perut aku time tuh! japg suddenly


hoh terkejut aku! da le aku duk sebelah pintu blkg tuh...bunyik lak dtg dr c2! rupenye bus tuh langgar keta org yeh! yes....accident! pergh...gerun beb! gigil lutut gua trun bus!

ok enough for that...the good news for today; i passed the MAF640 test 1! yeeehhhaaaaa! pn.che'ah double checked my answers and she noticed that she miscalculated the points....lucky me...i PASSED the test 1! not that i got A but for test 1 i usually aim for a "pass" hehehe~~~

owh pza arini berpenyakit sikit...kencing x lawas...tah ape die minum/mkn semlm pon aku xtau...kesian die...kejap2 g toilet! aku kasi cadangan amik straw dgn botol xnk dengar...klu dengar nasihat aku tuh xyah die susah2 g toilet byk kali ;-p

rite after class AUD571 aku, fad, nor, shima, zura, kira, along, farid & mat went to ppum to visit yana....poor that lil' dearie tp aku arap die tabah and kuat to fight the cancer! anyway i hope she's happy with our sure she'll be ok even tho it's pretty hard on her

heh on d way pegi & balik ppum-s.alam aku sgt penat ketawa dgn lawak2 & perangai si along mat farid & shima! sume kepale otak x betol! ad je bahan bdk2 tu buat! mcm x pose je aku tgk sume2 tuh...bersemangat semacam....haih aku akan rindu korang2 sume bile kiter abes blaja nti!

p/s: klu b4 ni kiteorg selalu ckp "nor die datang" klu nor wat perangai...skang kiteorg ade yg baru...klu mat wat prangai kiteorg akan ckp "mat da tiba!" heh kreatif!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


im not sure whether this kinda feeling can happen to anyone but it seems often happend to me...yup im talking about the emptiness! what is wrong? why do i feel this way? my parents with friends with buddy with me....damn it hurts!

is it bcoz i didnt well-perform for MAF640 tets 1?

is it bcoz im worried of yana's health condition?

is it bcoz im tired of my messy hair?

is it bcoz i still cant find new wedges & handbag?

or is it bcoz of......never mind~~~ (ckin....shooooot.....jgn ckp pape~~~)

speaking of yana, i think she's not doing so well but i believe if she teach herself to fight the disease....she'll be ok sooner or later....she's gonna have 2nd biopsy session tomorrow and later to do chemo...pretty tough on her....hope that she wont give it up easily

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


ok 1st of all aku sgt sakit ati dgn ancul (abg aku)! last nite he told me that abah ibu along & mohd plan for shopg today @ sunway around 11am...i decided to skip class (d only class for today 1.30-12.30) and join them since last mon i bought 2 blouses only! got plenty to buy before raya la...dats why have to ponteng klas ;-p

so this morning around 9.40am i called along

"weyh kul bape nk gerak g sunway?" i asked

"hah? sape nk g sunway? bile mse aku kate nk sunway?" along replied

"samsul bgtau aku smlm....korg nk g arini"

"mane ade! abah ade meeting kul 10.30 kang..."

ok skang korg sume phm x sape da kna main skang? mcm babs x prangai abg aku? siot x? bkn die xtau aku da ckp yg aku nk skip klas semate nk folo diorg g sunway....japg die leh tipu lak! mmg s*** la prangai....x pepasal aku mule kan pagi yg indah dgn berbakul2 sumpah seranah! last2 g gak klas! nearly 11am bru masuk lab! lucky me by d time i reached d lab, en.norazam wasnt there! phew~~~~

ok 2nd part of my story today: kira injured! kaki die terseliuh....sgt teruk actually....aku fad nor g amek kira kt pusat kesihatan uitm...die ade baring kt wad sementare...kesian sesangat! kaki yg terseliuh tuh lgsg xleh nk jejak lantai....umah die da la flat tgkt 3...last2 aku ajk die balik umah sewa aku...around 3.45pm bapak die dtg kira hopefully ko cepat sehat okeyh!

hah nk dijadikan citer....fad ilang beg kecik....ade pendrive (simpan group asgmt) and kunci umah.....kesian die...melilau carik kat PK, parking lot umah kira & dlm keta nor...aku & kira pon carik gak dlm beg kiteorg takut klu xde...

so mlm ni after buka....we all (xde la we all sgt....aku fizi hihi je) nk wat toyol coz esk ade kuiz advance audit ngeh ngeh ngeh~~~~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hari ini

skang ni klu drive dlm uitm, nmpak pak/mak guard mmg aku rse cam nk langgar...da nyampah tahap gaban dgn diorg...x saba aku nk grad pastu tinggalkan uitm neyh! sib bek dpt member2 yg best kt cni...klu x mmg horror la zaman U aku...xleh nk wat memory bile da tua2 nti heh~~~

so arini roommate aku fizi kembung & period pain...kesian die! aku smpai umah tgk die selubung selimut 1 bdn pastu kipas lgsg x bukak....sib bek mlm ni die da ok cume xde selera mkn buka g mkn BigFood @ TTDI Jaya....manusia2 yg ade sekali dgn aku td fad, nor, hihi, along, nino, lela, wani, was, atam, nad, kira, atun, ros, pija, farid & mat...the food was ok (my chicken chop) but my apple susu x bape best la...patut td order tembikai laici! xpe nxt time leh g ag ;-)

sakan ngamek gambar td...bkn ape da final sem ni aku nk kumpul sberape byk gambar yg boleyh...nti da tua2 boring2 leh tgk gambar2 tuh hehehe...bile lepak2 dgn bdk2 neyh aku teringat bdk2 sekola dulu...those yg same2 wat pape dgn aku....nangis & ketawa same2...somehow turned out everyone's changed....including me! since everyone changed we figured that we're not belong together...

some transformd frm nerd to poser...some transformd frm ustazah to "whatever seems fit"...and some getting better than she was back then....few years back we realized that we cant be frens like we were but we pretend that was nothing and continue to "berlakon" until 1 day we slowly ignored each other....still can say hye bye, how r u, what u been doing but that just it....moreover when few of us started commit into serious relationship (not really good one but let just say sexual's that?) things between all of us got ugly and annoying! end up i dont have a taste to maintain our friendship with them heh~~~ but not all of them la...still close will asmah...apis....and few others...

memule aku igt aku yg wat slek sbb hal2 ni tp bile pk balik member2 kt cni pon ade prob yg same so aku assume girls mmg x larik dr issue cani...dlm 10 org berkwn u might end up tgl 2-3 org je :-)

Monday, August 31, 2009

hari yg penat n xde hasil except for hasil from FARMVILLE

ye dgn title yg pjg tu aku da smpaikan 50% drp cite tuk arini

semalam lepas guests balik...aku smbung mkn laksa & strawberry cake (mkngah lela wat....yummy!) pastu duk la men internet & tgk deperate hsewives (yg da bpe kali aku ulang tah) smpai la kul 5 lebey kut aku tertido....kul 10 da bgn g mandi sbb abah ibu ajk g subang parade (tmpt fav syafi carik mainan)

sgt la ramai org...rimas aku! da le x cukup sesak...yg lagik jd x best...retail therapy tah kemane shopg tah ke mana! x menarik lgsg menda2 bju laki byk lak yg cun2! sng je aku pilih berhelai2 baju & seluar tuk mohd (abg aku) td! last2 td aku just beli 2 baju :-( tu jer~~~

abah kate nti nk g OU lak sbb ibu pon x beli ag...along x beli agi...abah pon td aku tgk baju keje yg byk abah beli...yg penting aku kna ikut gak diorg g OU nti...byk ag menda x beli ag as i said I NEED RETAIL THERAPY

nk bgtau sikit arini alan dgn confident nye kua kan statement brani ngaku die rindu abg die x balik2 Malaysia agi hehehehe~~~ sorry la alan dgn aku klu tersilap ckp sikit je mmg konpom kna BAHAN ;-)

p/s: alan are we cool? ;-)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

d most FUNNIEST present

a teddy bear....someone gave me a teddy bear...and he's 25!


how come at this age u can expect that a 23-year old lady like ME still have interest in a teddy bear? what d heck? was that the best u got? i expect smthg more "mature" or "grown up" things from u

not that im begging for material presents from you but a teddy bear? for me? that was gross~~~ a simple card will do just fine instead of a teddy bear dude :-)

d moment i opened the box i cant stop myself from laughing ;-p

Friday, August 28, 2009


yay merdeka!

wut a tough challenge for dis week! 1st wk of puasa and we had common test for 5 theory papers! duh~~~ lucky me it's over! yay it's over! 2nd test? exam? argh tu lmbat least got 2-3 wks to enjoy tau!

Q2 serious cam siol...soklan mcm sampah...tah ape die nk pon aku xtau...general sgt woi...sapela yg wat siol ag Q5...hehehe...finished my writing for Q4 at 12.30pm pastu EH! ade 5 soklan ke? duh~~~ tgh bace soklan...tetibe terdengar 1 bunyik....


perut aku lapar!!!!!! isk isk isk ya rabbi time tuh x tertahan btul laparnye perot aku! 1 round je bace soklan Q5 tu last2 aku give up! mls nk layan....aku biar kosong je Q5 tuh...aku kaco fad...kaco hihi....erm kesian diorg!

no comment~~~ hopefully che'ah kasik markah kesian kt den

can safely ruled out "failed" for this paper...

got hint d night b4 test...dunno wut went wrong...cant remember d details...explanation...elaboration wutsoever! damn Q1! u'r d reason i had this kinda mental-blocked!

insyaAllah pass....hopefully!

actually mse ari rabu tuh aku da naik loya nk membace buku okeh...fizi pon da sapu minyak cap td pon b4 msuk test FAR aku da sikit je lg nk "uwek"

gile tension membaca neyh! duh~~~ sib bek la dis week ade wat nakal for few sessions dgn ckin pza fad & nor...kurang sikit sakit mental for dis week...

eheh ckp psl wat nakal...aku nk sgt3x cite kt cni tp xleh....kna tunggu at d end of this sem...wajib!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


haih till today im still thinking how come abg syafi call me LANUN instead of UCU? it started last May...i got back from work (practical actually) and suddenly abg syafi terjerit2

"lanun da balik! lanun da balik!"

aku igt kan die tgh ckp dgn sape tah japg die dtg trus depan aku smbil jerit

"arghhhhh lanun da naik atas!"

haaaaa mmg btul die panggil aku lanun~~~~

tah mane die dpt ilham tah...bile die da start panggil aku lanun, kak syaz dgn ya pon ikut same panggil lanun...da lame bena aku xdgr bdk2 ni panggil aku ucu~~~ jgn smpai ke tua diorg panggil aku cenggitu sudah la...

a week before bulan ramadhan

hehehe it's been a while~~~

last saturday @ kg tobek got kenduri nk smbut bulan puasa...aku cam mati kutu nk tunggu org2 abes mkn kt depan tv sbb game chelsea da nk abes...duh!bukan aku je tp other cousins pon lebey kurang same it just that d pressure was lebey on aku la sbb diorg x support chelsea...sib bek aidil, johan, farid & mat bg update kt aku! agk2 org da kurang sikit kt dpn tv...aku, apip & arip menyelit bukak tv & amek remote ctrl pastu duk kt tangga...haaaa biaser la klu da tgk bola mane leh duk diam...mulut pon mane reti senyap...nak plak tinggal 20min je d way time ni ancul, epa, bob & others pon da dtg join...lg la bertmbah kecoh! da tgk cucu2 che' nin da naik syeikh org2 yg tgh duk mkn kt c2 belah pelan2...huh dasar lanun bdk2 neyh!

last wednesday aku, hihi, fizi, mat & farid g lunch @ Seoul Garden gile! healthy food and superlicious! sgt puas hati even tho tgn aku bintik2 kejap sbb kna percikan minyak mse farid masak daging & ayam hohoho~~~ overall aku rate Seoul Garden 8/10 ;-) owh mse on d way nk g tuh...aku sgt silent sbb terlampau lapar so sgt la x larat nk bercakap...bile smpai OU pun aku dgn fizi jln laju gile sbb nk cepat smpai kt restaurant! hehehe sib bek dgn mat & farid je...klu dgn date malu weyh wat prangai camtuh ;-p

hahaha jap2...bile sebut name si farid & mat ni kan...aku teringat psl semalam...semalam aku, hihi, along, farid & mat g mkn kt kedai kopi (my fav spot) japg terungkit la psl kes 'romantik' between farid & mat...since diorg be2 pon melayan...aku hihi & along lg la sakan mengusik diorg...japg tetibe along dgn selambe nyer tanyer cani

"jap eh aku confuse...sape top sape bottom?"

hoh melambak gelak kiteorg kt c2! aku ni lak spesis klu pape benda aku suke try imagine...hihi plak mmg da tau sgt prangai aku trus die ckp

"sara ko jgn try imagine!"

hahaha abes! rosak bdk2 5 org neyh...along la punca sume neyh! mcm2 hal yg kua semlm..."man bulu" la...ape topic plg hot of course la kes romantik farid & mat! siap la korg smpai bebile aku hihi & along igt benda neyh!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hot in d kindest manner!

today i realized that "hot' doesnt stand for body & looks only! but it does stand for confidence, kindness, gentle & leadership too! why i said so? hehehe~~~ well dis morning we had 2nd round presentation for Acoounting Information System PBL 1....

there was a guy which i forgot (or is it i never know) his name...he managed to make people (including me!) listen to him...everyone paid attention to every single word came out from his mouth even tho we're not sure whether his answer right or wrong! how i wish i could make such presentation! he spoke confidently and elaborate everything like a lecturer! (en.norazam sure rse tergugat wawawa~~~) im sure there must be some error here and there but still he delivered everything perfectly! and then 1 of his group member (salwa) did the same thing but in a different way and truth be told she did it awesome! these 2 people are neither handsome nor beautiful but with those capabilities (confidence & leadership) they look hot! way to go mates!

ok i'd like to say that a friend of mine (farid) is kinda hot when he showed his kindness! he's willing to help our friend (nor) by switching places with "somebody" so....that "somebody" leh join group asal die while die join group nor....ha baik kan kawan aku tuh! ok farid i take back anything yg aku bebel2 kat ko selame ni...sorry for underestimating u! hahaha nice 1 buddy! (sure ko bangge aku puji ko sbb selame ni mulut aku asik nk ngutuk org je) ;-p

so i think that's all for this topic coz rase2nye da xde menda lagik nk conclude for those yg x cantek...x handsome....gemuk...itam...byk jerawat....or in other words for those yg physically look like me....jgn rase rendah diri & hina dina sgt coz mesti ade sst yg korg ade tp org lain xde or x ramai org ader, mesti ade org yg akan nmpak korang nye rare capabilities etc....okeyh?! bubye~~~

Monday, August 10, 2009

hari & mlm yg paling mencabar

pagi tadi wat presentation AIS....jwpan aku slh! babs btul!!!!!!! sakit ati gile dibuatnyer~~~ da la hal smlm psl projek AIS ter carried forward smpai ke arini...pastu leh lak jwpan aku slh! siot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x cukup dgn dpt result kuiz MAF ptg td....aku failed!!!!!!!!

ni td lak dpt news (absolutely not rumour) classmate kiteorg nye roommate confirmED H1N1!!!!! yg x bestnyer bdk tuh dtg kelas td....lab ber aircond...classroom ber aircond....astaghfirullah....hadui takutnyer aku!

cOmmuniTy sHieLd

turns out this sem my room-mate is a die hard MU fan! we went to "hakeem" @ s7 to watch the game last nite...feels good to see more girls passionate in football ;-)

so last nite chelsea lads took 30mins to settle down with diamond formation...i saw how clueless my sexy frankie & essien last nite....disappointed with frankie, essien, anelka, drog, malouda, & ivanovic for the 1st 30mins but lucky me they finally found the tune! poor lil ivanovic coz he seems hard to settle nani all d way 45mins but it was a good lesson for him tho

wut a great performance by captain JT & a.cole! both were superbly awesome! i've to say sorry to riccy for underestimated him...not bcoz of his goal but he showed us that he's still competitive not only to alex but also to any other players! personally i prefer alex coz he moves back & forth faster, active in the air, hungry for goals & defense very well BUT riccy once again showed that it's not easy (for not only ancelotti but also me) to choose between riccy & alex!

few fine saves made by cech including penalty saves! so proud of him...he becomes more confident in penalty saves...well maybe he knows he suppose can do better than ben foster so i guess cech's ability in penalty saves influenced by that kinda psychological factor...just a thought! what ever it is hope he works harder and so as to hilario & turnbull!

ok again and again and again the prob with chelsea squad is lack of forwards! drog & anelka are amazing strikers we have but look at the subs then u know what i feel! kalou?no way! di santo is on loan until january....haish! i know we have daniel struridge but he's not a proven striker in prem lg plus im not sure whether or not he can settle down with about the winger....malouda seems improving but still he must learn not to be selfish and think before act! when j.cole is available? im not sure...he took longer than i fav youngster, miroslav stoch is on loan too...haiya wut d hell~~~~ do i have to say anythg about the deadwoods; ballack & deco! ballack taken off the bench just to provoke opponents...other than that im not sure what he's worth for! at this age, why cant u play like zidane, totti, figo etc? deco? huh! lg hancus!

im hoping for miracle during january transfer window...hope to see the like franck ribery, david villa, bastian schweinsteiger, or pato! work harder roman & co!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sunday morning~~~~ (almost to afternoon)

arini aku bgn awal! wut a record! hahaha....ibu masak nasi lemak di samping ayam2 goreng (drumsticks....ssslllllluuuuurrrrrpppppppp!!!) mmg mkn pagi yg sgt memuaskan perut!

mlm kang nk g tgk game community shield dgn fizi (mu supporter...duh~~~) hahaha! kiteorg plan nk angkut hihi, nino & lela msuk dlm boot sbb diorg xnk tgk! ces~~~ siap korg! owh plan picnic @ tasik dgn bdk2 klas & ketam lemak cili padi x dpt wat rabu ni la sbb along nk tgk adik die kna carry 4ward ke nxt week...owh ketam!

tp plan g bagan lalang tuk melalang (mcm hihi ckp) still on...this friday nk x sure bape keta...yg penting hihi kate kna bwk guys...for our safety! tp tuh la si mat & farid tuh aku kurang yakin nk arap kan diorg jage kiteorg sbb selalunye kiteorg yg jage diorg! bertuah nye bdk2! hahaha~~~ sib bek diorg x tau aku ade blog...klu diorg bace ni abes aku!

ha aku bru prasan yg since masuk uitm aku sgt kurang kwn laki...mse sekolah dulu kwn laki ramai...kwn pompuan pon ramai tp x seramai kwn bile kt uitm ni aku byk kwn pompuan tp x byk kwn laki (mksud aku is kwn yg mmg betul kawan la...) is it bcoz guys only 20%-30% in my fac? is it bcoz i less socialize with people since part 1? tah la maybe both are d answers...semlm bile borak2 dgn ckin aku teringat member2 laki aku mse dulu2...aku tinggalkan diorg sbb aku meluat tgk diorg yg x jemu2 wat mende bodoh....jakun sgt dgn sume mende parents aku pon x suke aku kwn dgn org yg merepek...aku yakin aku xkan terpengaruh yg bodoh2...sbb bertahun aku kwn dgn diorg pon aku xde terikut2 prangai buruk diorg tp bile makin besar aku jd makin meluat tgk diorg yg mcm otak x berkembang...phm x mksud aku? i miss them a lot but cant stand with their attitude! bukan la nk memilih kwn sgt tp sometimes i have to!

serious klaka tgk reaction lecturers yg masuk kelas aku bile tgk ade 2 kumbang surrounded by 30 roses! diorg msti ade kate "where r d guys??????" hahahaha~~~ lg horrible bile aku pt8 ni kelas aku sorg je laki....tu pon die sgt pendiam....x meriah sgt la kelas sem ni...cet da la final sem! anyway sib baik bdk2 klas aku mcm fad, along, hihi, fizi, shima, zura, shaz, kuza etc ade sekali kt kelas tuh! plus ckin & pza! klu x...abes! jam aku kt c2! sure g merayu kt kp mtk tuka kelas!

td tgk kt fb...status msg sherry mcm x bape best...die ade prob dgn besfren die...apehal la agknye tuh...kesian die...erm saba je la sherry yeh...aku pon da merase cane sakitnye ati bile besfren wat hal...2x hoackkaaayyyy! hopefully frenship aku dgn besfren aku yg skang ni stay alive smpai as to other close frens....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

tRip to JanDa bAik

this morning i had little discussion with fad & along regarding our next plan & trip...

we're gonna have a picnic @ s7 (tmpt jogging kiteorg...ade tasik tau) next week on thurs or weds! along will cook ketam lemak cili padi for us!!!! hohoho~~~ how amazing she is! (da boleyh kawin ko ni along!) other menu; ikan goreng, sayur kangkung, smbal cili padi,nasi putih, air cordial (x sure flavor ape ag) and fruits! owh 1 more thing....CAMERA!

2nd we're planning on trip to bagan lalang just to enjoy d seaview...d beach...layang2....and posing!!!! and d most important thing is want to try d nearest seafood restaurant! hihi kater tmpt tu mknan die BEST!

and then d big plan is we're going to Janda Baik right after raya....bestnyer~~~~~~ mandi2 again...BBQ...and some games to play too!

wah3x mcm da igt dgn projects, tests, quizzes and.....FINAL EXAM...i mean the real FINAL EXAM!!!! hohoho~~~~

UiTM dihatiku OR UiTM di tapak kakiku???

makin lame aku makin fed up dgn system UiTM! mcm bingai....bangang...sengal...dll!

1st aku plg marah bile diorg closed off ACB 8E!! pale otak die! after 2 years aku & bdk2 klas bersame2 tetibe final sem diorg leh selambe je tutup klas E! apesal x wat dr dulu bebal?! yg gatal2 g bukak kelas byk2 dulu sape suh? bodoh betul! alasan sbb nak max kan each class~~~ nak suh jadi mcm tin sardin ke kelas2 tuh? da plak tu bile da tutup klas tak disclose mende2 dgn lecturers! lecturer lak masuk kelas wat muke x puas ati tgk student byk gile dlm 1 kelas! woi igt aku suke ke? aku pon x suke hockaaayyy! betape buruknye sistem UiTM smpaikan lecturers pon x phm dgn sistem UiTM!

2nd psl kelas elektif....weyh c'mon la main campus come leh xde subject PSA & risk mgt???!!!! gile ulu perangai??? wat malu je dgn branches!!!! pastu kelam kabut nk setelkan kelas internal audit!!! bebal! minggu ke4 bru leh setel psl kelas internal audit neyh...pening pale aku! sib bek lecturer nye baik & tlg students...klu x aku gerenti mende ni takkan setel...thanx pn yusrina! but still uitm bodoh careless psl mende yg every sem! nk aku maki lg sekali x?bodoh!

3rd lak psl parking.... woi multilevel tuh half2 la dgn students! jgn la staff bolot sume! agak2 ar...students 8x dr staff kowt! bile staff xde parking idle cenggitu jer....x ke membazir namenye tuh! dah le multilevel kna rembat...lereng bukit pon kna kebas...tmpt parking lain pon same...skang yg ade area kedai bwh, bukit yg mencabar driving skil sume students bek laki or pompuan and seroja! gile uitm! bukan la xnk ngalah nek bus probnye cane pon kiteorg still kena rebut parking kt pdg kawad pstu kena berebut amek bus lak...weyh mcm kt sekolah hockaaayyy! plus da cukup kesian kt org yg xde transport...yg betul2 depends pd bus....diorg da cukup mcm sardin dlm bus tu then nape nk wat kecoh psl students yg ade keta lak????????????? wut's d point?!

4th speaking of capacity....dgr cite uitm nk increase intake another 200k.....wut d fuck! agak2 ar oi...nk tlg org melayu sekalipon xyah ar wat uitm ni mcm tmpt pengumpulan smpah! japg nk amek ramai students nye psl...for sure la diorg x strict sgt psl qualification tu sume! cn4m ISO kna tarik balik...sbb xde quality! skang pon students x terbela...ade ati nk tmbah smpai 200k! skang ni pon da cukup semak okeyh! naik lif pon mcm xleh nk bernafas...asal nek lif je rse nk pitam....sempit...kipas cam x berfungsi...psl bau toksah ckp la...bdk2 berpeluh2 berjln tertonggek2 nek tangga & bukit bagai.....ya allah sabar je la aku.....lif lak usang giler! serious gerun tiap kali pijak kaki dlm lif uitm!

so cane skang ni? nk dihatiku or di tapak kakiku????? aku 100% pilih UiTM di tapak kakiku!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

arini & semalam

last day i went to the salon to get my hair str8en...the hairstylist said that if i do str8 my hair it would end up "melentik" again bcoz of the length..he mentioned that i got 2 options...1st he can make a bob-cut again for me and then str8en OR 2nd i've to wait bout a month or 2...then i can perm....sigh~~~~

after ckin, fad & sherry convinced me that i look ok (not messy all d time) and the hairstylist adviced me to be more patient, i think im gonna hold on tight!

we had a small bday party for anaqi...he's 1 year old today! hapy bday my dear nephew... ucu loves ya :-)

Friday, July 31, 2009

i hate my haircut!

isk sedeynye...rmbut kembang menggerbang....kusut...serabut...mcm x mandi! org selalu tye aku soklan cani "ko da mandi ke blom?" ha kecik ati x? muke aku da la muke stock layu je...muke org nk tido...dgn eye bag all d time...tmbh dgn rmbut yg kusut masai mmg la org tye aku soklan camtuh!

the thing is i really want to perm my hair (but certainly not like the way i did few years back) but then my hair is slightly shorter than its minimum to perm and i cant do anythg bout it! klu nk wat gak dgn pjg rmbut yg skang i might end up like oprah...or nyonya2 yg rmbut yg tergantung tuh! uh no way...i already feel bad about my pimples + acne....overweight...i dont want to make it worse with messy haircut!

ckin, fad & sherry kater it's not that tah la...aku sgt2 rimas...bayangkan everyday nk g klas tuh...kt traffic lite aku sikat rmbut...sementare tunggu fad masuk keta aku sikat ag...lepas park keta aku sikat ag...dlm kelas sikat ag! kdg2 tuh angin bru iup sikit aku da naik hangin! hah x ke mental dibuatnyer?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

projek mandi manda!

exhausted but i had fun!!!!! i can express it in a mathematical way i.e.

best + fun + adventure + exhausted = satisfied + happy

why best? coz after so many things happened the plan was still on! at first it supposed to be 12-14 persons but then only 9 of us (aku, fad, shima, zura, yani, kira, bojot, zam, & mat) survived hahaha...

why fun? coz it was like back to our childhood/school days which we (everyone but kira and klu nk tau aku & fad adelah org plg penakut skali! ceh harap bdn je besa aku ni!) jumped into water from about a meter high dead wood (owh it was damn good!) and then as usual la "syampoo tangga" (yani & fad brought shampoo, conditioner, & shower creme...), mkn...minum...mkn...mandi...mkn.....tido(bojot)...mandi all day long!

adventure? yeah it was!!!! we had to walk about 10-15mins to reach the spot (not 100% jln rate...still kna trun naik tangga....lalu kt akar2 kayu...fuh!), ok since it is Hutan rekreasi of course la ade binatang2 yg menakutkan like frogs (dont laugh at was a big dark frog! and the other one agk melekit2 with kale hijau), and finally...a fren of mine, Mat was slipped from the big greeny rock when he was trying to change his cloth! poor him...injured his arm with a very long scratch...he was bleeding for quite a long time but he got to play cool...kna la cover depan pompuan2 yg ader hahaha cayalah mat....yg bestnyer x smpai 5min sume org tye2 mat ok ke x...ader bbrp suare sumbang ckp "abes ar sara kna drive sdiri balik kang" wakakaka sungguh x sopan kengkawan aku! anyway

thanx to yani & zam sbb bwk khemah

thanx to shima & fad bwk sandwich

thanx to kira jd photographer berjaye

thanx to bojot jd marshall

thanx to zura bwk jajan

thanx to mat jd pilot aku & zura

what's left? uhuh the "exhausted" part! no need to elaborate it coz everyone knows how does it like to be when u go out for that kinda project ;-p

nxt project we'll go somewhere else plak kay!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


ha nk tau x tghari td mse maid aku nk g angkat bju kt ampaian....ade sekor ular senduk!!!!! die nk kejar maid aku...maid aku berlari smbil menjerit "ya ampunnnn.....kak alonggggg toloonnggggg ada ularrrrrrrrr"

ha kelam kibut along aku & akak ipar aku g dapur nk tgk apehal tetibe meroyan minah sorg tuh.....gile ah ular tuh da kembang kepale meng'usya' kucing2 aku yg comel2 & gebu2 (mcm aku) tuh! kucing2 aku si buaru, kelam, putih, & abu da berlari menyorok bwh kerusi tapi japg si garang nk g berlawan!!!! tebiat nye kucing...klu aku ade kt c2 sure aku pengsan!

abg aku pon g la panggil indon contractor kt umah sebelah nk mtk tlg bunuhkan ular tuh sbb abg aku tu bukannye berani sgt....same penakut mcm aku gak hahahahaha! so bile da bunuh ular tuh...kiteorg pun nmpk la ade 2 lubang...1 kat tangga dapur & 1 ag kat bwh pokok jambu! setau aku klu ade 2 lubang meaning ade 2 ekor...btul x? 1 da bunuh so aku cam takut yg seko lg tuh mrh....plak tuh mestilah ader telur nye ye dak? gile ah aku cuak nk mampus skang ni!

aku riso kan kucing2 aku...takut diorg sesedap tido kt luar kang ade lak yg kaco...nauzubillah! ya Allah kau lindungilah kucing2 aku yg terpakse tido kt luar tuh....esk ade org potong rumput dtg so nk suh die bersihkan terus halaman rumah aku yg sikit ag da nk rupe mcm hutan belukar tuh...haish mak aku tanam terlampau byk pokok!! tp tak larat nk jage....aku ni x berminat dgm tumbuh2an dats why la aku xleh nk tlg mak aku membela pokok2 tuh....pastu kolam ikan toksah cite ar...da jd kolam katak aku tgk...bile aku complaint kt mak aku mak aku ckp cenggini "eh sibuklah bdk pompuan sorg ni....umah ko nti ko wat camtuh" hahahahahaha~~~~

aku berazam bile da ade umah sendiri nti aku mmg xnk tanam pokok...xnk tanam bunga....cukup la sejemput rumput karpet...aku ni pemalas so aku xnk mende2 yg susah dijage ade kt umah aku sbb xde kang umah aku jd hutan kucing2 aku akn bwk tgl dgn aku sekali nti :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

JT's not going anywhere

yehaaaaa!!!!!!! my dearest captain is not leaving!!!!

truth be told 1st time i've heard the rumour that he's gonna leave chelsea for man shitty i was terribly shocked! but then as the rumours growing all over d world and JT hasnt come out to clear the air i realized that;

1. JT just wants a better offer with increment for pay check and a 'safe' contract
2. JT is the spine of chelsea and he knows that so of course he wont leave the club
3. man shitty is a wanna-be big four with big accounts and small brain....who wants to go there???? only pricks like robinho, swp and bridgy want to! owh yeah did i mention tevez? duh~~~ yeah he's too!

and now that JT has cleared the air im sure everyone must be 100% happy! yeah we missed david villa, kaka, tevez, & ribery so what??? we have

a 1 hell out of gk; cech
3 5-star defenders; captain JT, Riccy and A.cole
4 4-star defenders; ivanovic, alex, mancienne & bose
2 5-star midfielders; super frankie, essien
a rising star midfielder; mikel
2 talented wingers; J.cole, miro stoch (even tho he's out for loan), and revival malouda
2 5-star strikers; drog, anelka
a rising star striker; di santo
amazing subs; belletti, ferreira
3 new signings; sturridge, zhirkov, and turnbull!
and not to forget a couple of dead woods; u know who~~~

ha...kan ke da cukup hebat tuh~~~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

keep on rolling baby!

had a pretty tough week with friends which totally so 'bdk sekola issues'! hahaha cant believe it keeps coming even tho im 23~~~

it wasnt a big deal actually but the funny thing s how come it happened! not in d mood to elaborate the thing so im just hoping it wont happen again bcoz seriously girls...after years we've been friends i dont want any of us screw our friendship! im happy spending time with u girls...took my mind away from my 2 former bestfriends and so-called good friends!

to develop a really good friendship it requires 3 things. Firstly, dont lie to ur bestfriends. Secondly, u must give and take all d time. Finally, dont dump ur friends when u have bf or scandal or what ever it is!

arguments will happen in any relationship even with our parents but that's the way we can know someone better provided we take it in a positive way....who said ckin, pza & I never had problems???? took a year and half for me to understand ckin and pza...even tho today still not 100% covered but Alhamdulillah our friendship stand still and strong...these 2 girls are really amazing (most people dont know bcoz these 2 pemalu bebeno) and patient...those guys who cant see that kinda quality are idiots! when i had problem with my 1st former bestfriend...ckin & pza were there to listen to me...when i broke up with "u know who he is" they consoled me...again when my 2nd former bestfriend acted like a horrible bitch they stood by me....when my sis issues kept coming they gave their support to me! owh yeah not to forget, fadia! she's amazing too! a lot like ckin & pza....these 3 friends remind me of 1 important thing which is friends are not just for fun, not just for hanging out, and gossip! They showed me the real meaning of "sharing is caring" hahahaha~~~ so hope that we all gonna keep on rolling thru thick & thin together-gether

phew so much about friends huh??? well that's what would happnd when ur date always bz at work! for d past 4 months we've been "dating" he called me everyday for exactly less than 5min! sms? yeah once in a while...the ur dream! normally ur date will invite u for lunch or dinner but not him bcoz he loves to invite me for breakfast at 7am! so boring~~~~

i guess instead of waiting for u i prefer to keep on rolling baby hohoho~~~

Friday, July 17, 2009

this week~~~

haaaa~~~ for d 1st time aku puas ati dgn malay horror film...even tho there were 3-4 RM10 actor/actress (mcm piza ckp) but still...the storyline was ok...especially the 'cik pon' part forced me to pejam mate kuat2...jerit2 tuh of course la kan~~~

thursday was good coz of i had MAF640 with Pn.Che'Ah....felt good with her compliment with our group work...congrats to my team mates; ckin, pza, fad, shima, zura, atun, pija, ros and sorg agi x igt name die sbb die pon senyap je~~~ looking forward for our nxt sure it's gonna be fun!

pagi tadi aku rase mcm nk langgar je pak guard2 yg ade dlm uitm! uitm ni aku x phm ape masalah diorg...8 tgkt multilevel parking da bg kt staff cukup2 ar tuh! student lg byk kut dr staff...agak2 ar nk wat keputusan ape pon...jgn la obvious sgt kebodohan & kesengalan korg2 wahai admin uitm! da korg sapu bersih 8 tgkt multilevel (even tho ari2 aku tgk byk je lg space parking yg kosong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pastu korg rebut gak parking kt lereng bukit...kt kolej...ha katne ag diorg nak???? depan lif nak? mcm bab1je perangai! ape2 sume nye lebey kat staff...ape besar sgt ke staff? da la selame ni bus2 yg ade da cukup padat dgn bdk2 yg xde keta/motor ni da org yg bwk keta pon kna same rebut nek bus x ke lagik huru hara jadiknye??? eeeee bodoh btol!

ok let's talk about FAR600~~~ hahaha after went thru chapter 1 i feel like im going to start prepare notes tomorrow! duh...too many chapters with too many articles to be covered by october is really killing me hardly! cant stand with all these shit! subject lain aku x brani nk tgk ag sbb takut pening kepale...