Monday, August 31, 2009

hari yg penat n xde hasil except for hasil from FARMVILLE

ye dgn title yg pjg tu aku da smpaikan 50% drp cite tuk arini

semalam lepas guests balik...aku smbung mkn laksa & strawberry cake (mkngah lela wat....yummy!) pastu duk la men internet & tgk deperate hsewives (yg da bpe kali aku ulang tah) smpai la kul 5 lebey kut aku tertido....kul 10 da bgn g mandi sbb abah ibu ajk g subang parade (tmpt fav syafi carik mainan)

sgt la ramai org...rimas aku! da le x cukup sesak...yg lagik jd x best...retail therapy tah kemane shopg tah ke mana! x menarik lgsg menda2 bju laki byk lak yg cun2! sng je aku pilih berhelai2 baju & seluar tuk mohd (abg aku) td! last2 td aku just beli 2 baju :-( tu jer~~~

abah kate nti nk g OU lak sbb ibu pon x beli ag...along x beli agi...abah pon td aku tgk baju keje yg byk abah beli...yg penting aku kna ikut gak diorg g OU nti...byk ag menda x beli ag as i said I NEED RETAIL THERAPY

nk bgtau sikit arini alan dgn confident nye kua kan statement brani ngaku die rindu abg die x balik2 Malaysia agi hehehehe~~~ sorry la alan dgn aku klu tersilap ckp sikit je mmg konpom kna BAHAN ;-)

p/s: alan are we cool? ;-)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

d most FUNNIEST present

a teddy bear....someone gave me a teddy bear...and he's 25!


how come at this age u can expect that a 23-year old lady like ME still have interest in a teddy bear? what d heck? was that the best u got? i expect smthg more "mature" or "grown up" things from u

not that im begging for material presents from you but a teddy bear? for me? that was gross~~~ a simple card will do just fine instead of a teddy bear dude :-)

d moment i opened the box i cant stop myself from laughing ;-p

Friday, August 28, 2009


yay merdeka!

wut a tough challenge for dis week! 1st wk of puasa and we had common test for 5 theory papers! duh~~~ lucky me it's over! yay it's over! 2nd test? exam? argh tu lmbat least got 2-3 wks to enjoy tau!

Q2 serious cam siol...soklan mcm sampah...tah ape die nk pon aku xtau...general sgt woi...sapela yg wat siol ag Q5...hehehe...finished my writing for Q4 at 12.30pm pastu EH! ade 5 soklan ke? duh~~~ tgh bace soklan...tetibe terdengar 1 bunyik....


perut aku lapar!!!!!! isk isk isk ya rabbi time tuh x tertahan btul laparnye perot aku! 1 round je bace soklan Q5 tu last2 aku give up! mls nk layan....aku biar kosong je Q5 tuh...aku kaco fad...kaco hihi....erm kesian diorg!

no comment~~~ hopefully che'ah kasik markah kesian kt den

can safely ruled out "failed" for this paper...

got hint d night b4 test...dunno wut went wrong...cant remember d details...explanation...elaboration wutsoever! damn Q1! u'r d reason i had this kinda mental-blocked!

insyaAllah pass....hopefully!

actually mse ari rabu tuh aku da naik loya nk membace buku okeh...fizi pon da sapu minyak cap td pon b4 msuk test FAR aku da sikit je lg nk "uwek"

gile tension membaca neyh! duh~~~ sib bek la dis week ade wat nakal for few sessions dgn ckin pza fad & nor...kurang sikit sakit mental for dis week...

eheh ckp psl wat nakal...aku nk sgt3x cite kt cni tp xleh....kna tunggu at d end of this sem...wajib!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


haih till today im still thinking how come abg syafi call me LANUN instead of UCU? it started last May...i got back from work (practical actually) and suddenly abg syafi terjerit2

"lanun da balik! lanun da balik!"

aku igt kan die tgh ckp dgn sape tah japg die dtg trus depan aku smbil jerit

"arghhhhh lanun da naik atas!"

haaaaa mmg btul die panggil aku lanun~~~~

tah mane die dpt ilham tah...bile die da start panggil aku lanun, kak syaz dgn ya pon ikut same panggil lanun...da lame bena aku xdgr bdk2 ni panggil aku ucu~~~ jgn smpai ke tua diorg panggil aku cenggitu sudah la...

a week before bulan ramadhan

hehehe it's been a while~~~

last saturday @ kg tobek got kenduri nk smbut bulan puasa...aku cam mati kutu nk tunggu org2 abes mkn kt depan tv sbb game chelsea da nk abes...duh!bukan aku je tp other cousins pon lebey kurang same it just that d pressure was lebey on aku la sbb diorg x support chelsea...sib bek aidil, johan, farid & mat bg update kt aku! agk2 org da kurang sikit kt dpn tv...aku, apip & arip menyelit bukak tv & amek remote ctrl pastu duk kt tangga...haaaa biaser la klu da tgk bola mane leh duk diam...mulut pon mane reti senyap...nak plak tinggal 20min je d way time ni ancul, epa, bob & others pon da dtg join...lg la bertmbah kecoh! da tgk cucu2 che' nin da naik syeikh org2 yg tgh duk mkn kt c2 belah pelan2...huh dasar lanun bdk2 neyh!

last wednesday aku, hihi, fizi, mat & farid g lunch @ Seoul Garden gile! healthy food and superlicious! sgt puas hati even tho tgn aku bintik2 kejap sbb kna percikan minyak mse farid masak daging & ayam hohoho~~~ overall aku rate Seoul Garden 8/10 ;-) owh mse on d way nk g tuh...aku sgt silent sbb terlampau lapar so sgt la x larat nk bercakap...bile smpai OU pun aku dgn fizi jln laju gile sbb nk cepat smpai kt restaurant! hehehe sib bek dgn mat & farid je...klu dgn date malu weyh wat prangai camtuh ;-p

hahaha jap2...bile sebut name si farid & mat ni kan...aku teringat psl semalam...semalam aku, hihi, along, farid & mat g mkn kt kedai kopi (my fav spot) japg terungkit la psl kes 'romantik' between farid & mat...since diorg be2 pon melayan...aku hihi & along lg la sakan mengusik diorg...japg tetibe along dgn selambe nyer tanyer cani

"jap eh aku confuse...sape top sape bottom?"

hoh melambak gelak kiteorg kt c2! aku ni lak spesis klu pape benda aku suke try imagine...hihi plak mmg da tau sgt prangai aku trus die ckp

"sara ko jgn try imagine!"

hahaha abes! rosak bdk2 5 org neyh...along la punca sume neyh! mcm2 hal yg kua semlm..."man bulu" la...ape topic plg hot of course la kes romantik farid & mat! siap la korg smpai bebile aku hihi & along igt benda neyh!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hot in d kindest manner!

today i realized that "hot' doesnt stand for body & looks only! but it does stand for confidence, kindness, gentle & leadership too! why i said so? hehehe~~~ well dis morning we had 2nd round presentation for Acoounting Information System PBL 1....

there was a guy which i forgot (or is it i never know) his name...he managed to make people (including me!) listen to him...everyone paid attention to every single word came out from his mouth even tho we're not sure whether his answer right or wrong! how i wish i could make such presentation! he spoke confidently and elaborate everything like a lecturer! (en.norazam sure rse tergugat wawawa~~~) im sure there must be some error here and there but still he delivered everything perfectly! and then 1 of his group member (salwa) did the same thing but in a different way and truth be told she did it awesome! these 2 people are neither handsome nor beautiful but with those capabilities (confidence & leadership) they look hot! way to go mates!

ok i'd like to say that a friend of mine (farid) is kinda hot when he showed his kindness! he's willing to help our friend (nor) by switching places with "somebody" so....that "somebody" leh join group asal die while die join group nor....ha baik kan kawan aku tuh! ok farid i take back anything yg aku bebel2 kat ko selame ni...sorry for underestimating u! hahaha nice 1 buddy! (sure ko bangge aku puji ko sbb selame ni mulut aku asik nk ngutuk org je) ;-p

so i think that's all for this topic coz rase2nye da xde menda lagik nk conclude for those yg x cantek...x handsome....gemuk...itam...byk jerawat....or in other words for those yg physically look like me....jgn rase rendah diri & hina dina sgt coz mesti ade sst yg korg ade tp org lain xde or x ramai org ader, mesti ade org yg akan nmpak korang nye rare capabilities etc....okeyh?! bubye~~~

Monday, August 10, 2009

hari & mlm yg paling mencabar

pagi tadi wat presentation AIS....jwpan aku slh! babs btul!!!!!!! sakit ati gile dibuatnyer~~~ da la hal smlm psl projek AIS ter carried forward smpai ke arini...pastu leh lak jwpan aku slh! siot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x cukup dgn dpt result kuiz MAF ptg td....aku failed!!!!!!!!

ni td lak dpt news (absolutely not rumour) classmate kiteorg nye roommate confirmED H1N1!!!!! yg x bestnyer bdk tuh dtg kelas td....lab ber aircond...classroom ber aircond....astaghfirullah....hadui takutnyer aku!

cOmmuniTy sHieLd

turns out this sem my room-mate is a die hard MU fan! we went to "hakeem" @ s7 to watch the game last nite...feels good to see more girls passionate in football ;-)

so last nite chelsea lads took 30mins to settle down with diamond formation...i saw how clueless my sexy frankie & essien last nite....disappointed with frankie, essien, anelka, drog, malouda, & ivanovic for the 1st 30mins but lucky me they finally found the tune! poor lil ivanovic coz he seems hard to settle nani all d way 45mins but it was a good lesson for him tho

wut a great performance by captain JT & a.cole! both were superbly awesome! i've to say sorry to riccy for underestimated him...not bcoz of his goal but he showed us that he's still competitive not only to alex but also to any other players! personally i prefer alex coz he moves back & forth faster, active in the air, hungry for goals & defense very well BUT riccy once again showed that it's not easy (for not only ancelotti but also me) to choose between riccy & alex!

few fine saves made by cech including penalty saves! so proud of him...he becomes more confident in penalty saves...well maybe he knows he suppose can do better than ben foster so i guess cech's ability in penalty saves influenced by that kinda psychological factor...just a thought! what ever it is hope he works harder and so as to hilario & turnbull!

ok again and again and again the prob with chelsea squad is lack of forwards! drog & anelka are amazing strikers we have but look at the subs then u know what i feel! kalou?no way! di santo is on loan until january....haish! i know we have daniel struridge but he's not a proven striker in prem lg plus im not sure whether or not he can settle down with about the winger....malouda seems improving but still he must learn not to be selfish and think before act! when j.cole is available? im not sure...he took longer than i fav youngster, miroslav stoch is on loan too...haiya wut d hell~~~~ do i have to say anythg about the deadwoods; ballack & deco! ballack taken off the bench just to provoke opponents...other than that im not sure what he's worth for! at this age, why cant u play like zidane, totti, figo etc? deco? huh! lg hancus!

im hoping for miracle during january transfer window...hope to see the like franck ribery, david villa, bastian schweinsteiger, or pato! work harder roman & co!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sunday morning~~~~ (almost to afternoon)

arini aku bgn awal! wut a record! hahaha....ibu masak nasi lemak di samping ayam2 goreng (drumsticks....ssslllllluuuuurrrrrpppppppp!!!) mmg mkn pagi yg sgt memuaskan perut!

mlm kang nk g tgk game community shield dgn fizi (mu supporter...duh~~~) hahaha! kiteorg plan nk angkut hihi, nino & lela msuk dlm boot sbb diorg xnk tgk! ces~~~ siap korg! owh plan picnic @ tasik dgn bdk2 klas & ketam lemak cili padi x dpt wat rabu ni la sbb along nk tgk adik die kna carry 4ward ke nxt week...owh ketam!

tp plan g bagan lalang tuk melalang (mcm hihi ckp) still on...this friday nk x sure bape keta...yg penting hihi kate kna bwk guys...for our safety! tp tuh la si mat & farid tuh aku kurang yakin nk arap kan diorg jage kiteorg sbb selalunye kiteorg yg jage diorg! bertuah nye bdk2! hahaha~~~ sib bek diorg x tau aku ade blog...klu diorg bace ni abes aku!

ha aku bru prasan yg since masuk uitm aku sgt kurang kwn laki...mse sekolah dulu kwn laki ramai...kwn pompuan pon ramai tp x seramai kwn bile kt uitm ni aku byk kwn pompuan tp x byk kwn laki (mksud aku is kwn yg mmg betul kawan la...) is it bcoz guys only 20%-30% in my fac? is it bcoz i less socialize with people since part 1? tah la maybe both are d answers...semlm bile borak2 dgn ckin aku teringat member2 laki aku mse dulu2...aku tinggalkan diorg sbb aku meluat tgk diorg yg x jemu2 wat mende bodoh....jakun sgt dgn sume mende parents aku pon x suke aku kwn dgn org yg merepek...aku yakin aku xkan terpengaruh yg bodoh2...sbb bertahun aku kwn dgn diorg pon aku xde terikut2 prangai buruk diorg tp bile makin besar aku jd makin meluat tgk diorg yg mcm otak x berkembang...phm x mksud aku? i miss them a lot but cant stand with their attitude! bukan la nk memilih kwn sgt tp sometimes i have to!

serious klaka tgk reaction lecturers yg masuk kelas aku bile tgk ade 2 kumbang surrounded by 30 roses! diorg msti ade kate "where r d guys??????" hahahaha~~~ lg horrible bile aku pt8 ni kelas aku sorg je laki....tu pon die sgt pendiam....x meriah sgt la kelas sem ni...cet da la final sem! anyway sib baik bdk2 klas aku mcm fad, along, hihi, fizi, shima, zura, shaz, kuza etc ade sekali kt kelas tuh! plus ckin & pza! klu x...abes! jam aku kt c2! sure g merayu kt kp mtk tuka kelas!

td tgk kt fb...status msg sherry mcm x bape best...die ade prob dgn besfren die...apehal la agknye tuh...kesian die...erm saba je la sherry yeh...aku pon da merase cane sakitnye ati bile besfren wat hal...2x hoackkaaayyyy! hopefully frenship aku dgn besfren aku yg skang ni stay alive smpai as to other close frens....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

tRip to JanDa bAik

this morning i had little discussion with fad & along regarding our next plan & trip...

we're gonna have a picnic @ s7 (tmpt jogging kiteorg...ade tasik tau) next week on thurs or weds! along will cook ketam lemak cili padi for us!!!! hohoho~~~ how amazing she is! (da boleyh kawin ko ni along!) other menu; ikan goreng, sayur kangkung, smbal cili padi,nasi putih, air cordial (x sure flavor ape ag) and fruits! owh 1 more thing....CAMERA!

2nd we're planning on trip to bagan lalang just to enjoy d seaview...d beach...layang2....and posing!!!! and d most important thing is want to try d nearest seafood restaurant! hihi kater tmpt tu mknan die BEST!

and then d big plan is we're going to Janda Baik right after raya....bestnyer~~~~~~ mandi2 again...BBQ...and some games to play too!

wah3x mcm da igt dgn projects, tests, quizzes and.....FINAL EXAM...i mean the real FINAL EXAM!!!! hohoho~~~~

UiTM dihatiku OR UiTM di tapak kakiku???

makin lame aku makin fed up dgn system UiTM! mcm bingai....bangang...sengal...dll!

1st aku plg marah bile diorg closed off ACB 8E!! pale otak die! after 2 years aku & bdk2 klas bersame2 tetibe final sem diorg leh selambe je tutup klas E! apesal x wat dr dulu bebal?! yg gatal2 g bukak kelas byk2 dulu sape suh? bodoh betul! alasan sbb nak max kan each class~~~ nak suh jadi mcm tin sardin ke kelas2 tuh? da plak tu bile da tutup klas tak disclose mende2 dgn lecturers! lecturer lak masuk kelas wat muke x puas ati tgk student byk gile dlm 1 kelas! woi igt aku suke ke? aku pon x suke hockaaayyy! betape buruknye sistem UiTM smpaikan lecturers pon x phm dgn sistem UiTM!

2nd psl kelas elektif....weyh c'mon la main campus come leh xde subject PSA & risk mgt???!!!! gile ulu perangai??? wat malu je dgn branches!!!! pastu kelam kabut nk setelkan kelas internal audit!!! bebal! minggu ke4 bru leh setel psl kelas internal audit neyh...pening pale aku! sib bek lecturer nye baik & tlg students...klu x aku gerenti mende ni takkan setel...thanx pn yusrina! but still uitm bodoh careless psl mende yg every sem! nk aku maki lg sekali x?bodoh!

3rd lak psl parking.... woi multilevel tuh half2 la dgn students! jgn la staff bolot sume! agak2 ar...students 8x dr staff kowt! bile staff xde parking idle cenggitu jer....x ke membazir namenye tuh! dah le multilevel kna rembat...lereng bukit pon kna kebas...tmpt parking lain pon same...skang yg ade area kedai bwh, bukit yg mencabar driving skil sume students bek laki or pompuan and seroja! gile uitm! bukan la xnk ngalah nek bus probnye cane pon kiteorg still kena rebut parking kt pdg kawad pstu kena berebut amek bus lak...weyh mcm kt sekolah hockaaayyy! plus da cukup kesian kt org yg xde transport...yg betul2 depends pd bus....diorg da cukup mcm sardin dlm bus tu then nape nk wat kecoh psl students yg ade keta lak????????????? wut's d point?!

4th speaking of capacity....dgr cite uitm nk increase intake another 200k.....wut d fuck! agak2 ar oi...nk tlg org melayu sekalipon xyah ar wat uitm ni mcm tmpt pengumpulan smpah! japg nk amek ramai students nye psl...for sure la diorg x strict sgt psl qualification tu sume! cn4m ISO kna tarik balik...sbb xde quality! skang pon students x terbela...ade ati nk tmbah smpai 200k! skang ni pon da cukup semak okeyh! naik lif pon mcm xleh nk bernafas...asal nek lif je rse nk pitam....sempit...kipas cam x berfungsi...psl bau toksah ckp la...bdk2 berpeluh2 berjln tertonggek2 nek tangga & bukit bagai.....ya allah sabar je la aku.....lif lak usang giler! serious gerun tiap kali pijak kaki dlm lif uitm!

so cane skang ni? nk dihatiku or di tapak kakiku????? aku 100% pilih UiTM di tapak kakiku!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

arini & semalam

last day i went to the salon to get my hair str8en...the hairstylist said that if i do str8 my hair it would end up "melentik" again bcoz of the length..he mentioned that i got 2 options...1st he can make a bob-cut again for me and then str8en OR 2nd i've to wait bout a month or 2...then i can perm....sigh~~~~

after ckin, fad & sherry convinced me that i look ok (not messy all d time) and the hairstylist adviced me to be more patient, i think im gonna hold on tight!

we had a small bday party for anaqi...he's 1 year old today! hapy bday my dear nephew... ucu loves ya :-)