Monday, December 21, 2009

i dont not a sulk-er

it's bn a while i havent post anythg...not dat i hv nothg to write on bt just couldnt mke it...

i've bn thru a lot lately...not dat everythg turned out ugly & depressing bt somehow d dpressg part was too much to handle or mayb i shud just use d word "is" instead of "was" sigh~~

1st im a bit stress bout finding job coz my degree result nt as good as diploma result, my resume sucks, im suck at english especially when it comes to interview thingy, and some on9 applications suck too!!

2nd my cat, buaru just had a surgery to take out some "busung air" in her stomach...she's nt really in a gd shape bt i can see that she's it's quite stressful to feed her with pills and clean up d cage...sigh~~ to make it worse, another cat, putih having flu and he's losing appetite...ya allah risaunye aku dgn diorg ni :-(

3rd he's getting worse and honestly im worried bout him...yes he did hurt my feelings bt my heart couldnt hate any longer to someone like him who used to b so nice to me when we were together...i tried make him understand bt it looks like i failed...i didnt pick up his calls, didnt reply his msg just 2 let him move on but it just didnt work well and for now im screwed since he tried to show dat he's changed and he's better than my darl...

4th i dun get it why guys love being a jerk bt then come crawlg to mke amend and force girls to give forgiveness...kan sng if dr awl u guys just treat ur gf nicely! is it bcoz they are too dumb to understand gf tgh kecik ati ke...mrh ke...merajuk sbenanye diorg tau bt then chose to stay calm & do nothg due to EGO??

5th ke...aku yg slh??? mayb i've bn a pushy bitch...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

damn it! i knew there's smthg wrong!

im a mess

im a mess

im a mess

im stupid

im an idiot

damn it i screwed up everythg!!!!! there's no point i worked so hard to maintain some good cg for d past 5 years since pt 1 dip if today i end up with fucking low class cg and now im back to square one!

damn it! i wish i could turn back wut has hapend dat day...i kno shud've bersyukur coz i didnt failed MAF640 but part of me i feel disappointed with myself...haih~~~

Friday, December 4, 2009

4 days 3 nights 24/7 with "them", we were so happy!


-after breakfast kt umah aku, kteorg be5 (aku, along, hihie, shima & farid) gerak dr BJ str8 away to Penang. well of course la we all benti kat few R&R tuk mkn, solat & "membuang"
-around 5pm smpai ke 'resort' (identiti dirahsiakan) we all lepak2 dgn host...tour d 'resort'...mkn...mandi2...then
-memule sekali aktvt kteorg, g pesta pulau pinang...usya brg2....plg best g fun fair die!
-1st kteorg main bumper car! aku & shima, farid & along, hihie & mat....mmg best! extreme gile kteorg main...smpaikan ade bbrp bdk pon naik gile sbb tgk kteorg main dgn gile nye...hehehe...benefits yg kteorg dpt 1st PUAS! 2nd sakit punggung!
-2nd kteorg main yg lagik aku lupe ape name menatang tuh! menjerit x hengat...smpai aku & shima ilang suara!
-puas memain & amik gmbar, we all gerak g mkn kat Padang Kota...after mkn2, aku telah wat smthg yg sgt memalukan diri smpai benda tu jd bahan spjg trip kteorg ni~~ pas mkn, along & farid g toilet while aku mat hihie along & shima 2gu kat tepi jln...then aku dgr bunyik enjin keta...aku tgk dlm keta xde org...aku cam pelik ar btul ke ade org tingalkn keta kt tepi jln x tutup enjin...aku pon membongkok ar sket kt enjin keta tuh...tried to dgr betul2 whether enjin idup ke x...japg mat hihie shima leh bantai gelak cam org gile then diorg belah dr c2...xnk duk dkt dgn aku...nk tau nape? 1st sbb dlm keta tu ade org! (aku pn pelik apesal mse aku tgk, xde org!) 2nd org dlm keta tu da gelak kan aku...3rd diorg kate aku betul2 bxz body smpaikan benda camtu pon nk nyibuk! owh tidak...aku telah memalukan diriku!
-owh and then we all g beli char kuey teow baeeekkkk punya!

-we all g tmn burung tp sbb mahal sgt; RM15! not worth it tuk tgk burung2! so we all went to bukit bendera....smbil 2gu train, we all g la wat pape yg patut...solat, minum, amik gambar & merapu...terlampau byk benda yg we all merapu smpai aku x larat nk type seketul2 kt blog neyh! naik bkt bendera agk sengsara sbb ramai org...x convenient la train jln2 kt ats tu best gak ar...sejuk...kteorg amik gambar, wat tattoo pki inai (aku je), amik gambar ular (aku je xde) hahaha
-mlm tu we all BBQ kat tepi pantai...anyway special thanx 2 abg am, abg zam, & pakcik atan...these 3 ppl ni frm persatuan nelayan...diorg bg kteorg space tuk bbq kat area diorg...even better they all bg few sate & udang kt meja...tlg bakar...haih mcm2 diorg tlg! thanx ya~~~
-after bbq, we all g night market meng'usya' brg2 smpai la kul 1 kut
-late night activity? we all tgk movie~~~~

-1st thing to do was g amik hafiz kt umah atuk die...we all g beli lunch then str8 away to kebun bunga...nk naik tmpt tuh sgt mencabar sbb byk beruk! sib bek la farid mat & hafiz ade...rse selamat ade gak org2 lain so we all jln ramai2...puas ati ar jln jejauh sbb kat tmpt tu best sgt...air sungai die bersih...sejuk...erm puas!!! ha...nk tau x...on d way nk trun frm tmpt tuh...ade la crew from al-jazeera interview kteorg..damn it aku malu gile time tuh...for d 1st time aku rse mcm aku btul2 clueless ape yg aku plan for 2010! selame ni aku rse yg aku nk wat acca tp maybe tu aku just ckp sbb d thing is selagi x dpt result last exam, aku x determine psl future...damn it! malu nye time tu! hopefully diorg delete je scene aku tuh....malu aku klu 1 dunia tgk muke aku yg x confident...clueless...xtau nk ckp ape...
-late eveng kteorg g jln2 usya brg2 kt penang street...then we all dinner kat erm ape ek name area tu tp name kedai tuh ismail ikan bakar & din tomyam...well mcm terbalik tp x kesah la...yg penting mknan kt c2 SEDAP utk di makan oleh 7 org bdk yg lapar! erm...budak ke~~~
-after dinner we went to nasi kandar beratur tuk tapau mknan!
-again late night activity; tgk movie~~~

-bgn pagi trus bersiap2...kul 12 we all gerak...around 5.30 smpai umah...and for now...aku da rindu kat diorg~~~
-asik teringat time2 merapu...time 2 menyanyi smpai ujan...time mkn...sume2 la

p/s: kengkawan we shud do this again....i had a wonderful time with u guys... ;-)