Saturday, January 23, 2010

malay muvi dat turned me on!


i love dis muvi a lot coz it reminds me of ckin & pza...3 of us love being gedik especially bile time tu there were just 3 of us...we love hot guys...we love all d girl thingy....we love money...fuh! dis muvi made a great combination of 2 malay hotties; Fazura & Maya Karin which make this muvi un-annoyed hahaha...well, every1 kno how ugly it wud turn out if d muvi played by 2 malay not-ties say, Fasha Sandha & erm sape2 la....

d secret ingredients of dis muvi; d actress, they went on a cruise, pretty transparent bout real life of high class socialista, Aaron Aziz, and its simple storyline

a fren of mine, Nadia...she's a malay muvi basher but after i persuade her to watch dis muvi...she cant stop saying "cute nye cite ni...sukenye fazura...."

but she also kept saying "babe she's just like u...gossipg all d time...panas!" to me...

damn it nad! ko pn same kuat bergosip okeyh!


ok 1st of...dis muvi made me laugh frm start to d end! ok fine i kno im a bit over sense of humour for eg; laughing for no reason sumtime but seriously dis muvi awesome! lawak bangang yg xleh blah...a bit educational for people not to judge sum1 by its cover, its appearance & its paycheck

it was more hilarious than Antoo Fighter! but not comparable with Pisau Cukur since both muvi brought difrnt theme...

tp kan...d crowds kt muvi cinema smlm not really happy-go-lucky type la...they were like pretty lame and fake their laughs...but not for d entire jokes la...ade gak few times diorg gelak betul2...even worse, pengkid & his/her gf yg duk sblh aku asik duk kissing je...pastu wat statement "heee nyampah la i tgk malay muvi" tp time ade lawak diorg gelak gak! sengal~~

Friday, January 1, 2010

it's new year, new chapter but im completely bored!

hapy new year!

okeyh arini aku start keje under metro group...hari yg plg memBOSANkan & menguji kesabaran!

woke up at 6.30am++ and completely dressed up & had bfast at 1st nk drive je g keje bt then abah kate since aku & k.aida x hafal jln so abah suh driver yg anta kteorg...tunggu nye tunggu smpai la 9.40am si mangkuk ayun tu x smpai2...bedebah nye manusia....sesia je aku bgn & mandi pepagi buta! at last aku drive gak~~ ceh mmg merosakkn mood new year & 1st workg day of my life!!! da la pale cam dizzy sket...sib bek x demam & x mual mcm semalam!

arini bosan sbb big boss x dtg...suppose die yg nk brief aku & other 3 or 4 a/ctants to divide everythg related to actg & finance bt since die x dtg arini, aku pon tpkse la wat bodo sepjg ari kt opis..i did offer to help other people bt they said "erm xtau la nk kasi keje ape" haih~~ maybe diorg x cnfident dgn aku hahaha...damn it! last2 aku selongkar meja aku tuh and belek2 few supportg doc files...boring~~ tp xkan aku nk termenung or main internet dak? sib bek after meetg tghari tu angah ade kasi aku usya2 costg worksheet...ade ar gak mende bermanfaat aku wat ptg td tp time tu pn da kul 5.15pm!

haih bosannye 1st workg day~~