Thursday, November 26, 2009

"u can never change, dear" said the .........

some people said dat i'll never b able to change frm what i believe i used to be simply bcoz those people believe that human nature; people cant change their true colors! is it??? i asked myself many time tonight and it's kinda spoil my mood!

how can they be so sure to hold that kinda thoughts?? i do believe that people change....people changed! if not, my former besfrens are still with me...right? as we grow up, we will change the way we talk, speak, and think...right? when we get increment in salary, we change our lifestyle...right? wut else?

i wont elaborate wut things that we argued about coz it's kinda personal and im not ready to talk about this with any1 so not in d mood right now...maybe i'll come back to update about this shit after few days...or maybe 2moro...i dunno for sure...

pisau cukur...d best ever malay film

have u watch d movie? it's incredibly awesome! for d 1st time kat malaysia ni ade film gedikss yg best! sgt3 best in fact! why?

1. coz of fazura! why do i like her? she's gorgeous....simple as that! with a full package she has, she can gedikss all d time and i bet most of people wont feel noxious bout her! she's a good actress in terms of her credibility, vry fluent in english, and for me i think she's just like sophia bush! ;-)

2. the storyline was easy and simple...but needs u to keep guessing who's d antonym character...serious babe...mmg best lawak2 bangang die! especially all d gediks part, the script, everythg seems perfect!

Monday, November 23, 2009

what a girl wants? a guy like Clay or Nathan

just finished OTH s07e07, i figured why since beginning of this series (s07) Clay being such a.....u kno wut...he lost his beloved wife (Sara) so he afraid of letting people in and that's what made him so "CLAY" when it comes about sex and woman...the thing is i was touched with d fact that he truly madly deeply loves his late wife (Sara) even tho he is so hot, wealthy, "healthy" and hundred of hotties chasing after him! in a recent dev, he realizes that he starting kinda have feeling for Quinn but somehow he doesnt want to let go the memories between him & Sara and yes, he afraid of losing people he loves again....ooowwwhhhh im touched! how i wish there'll b a guy like that for me ;-)

Wut about Nathan? he's young, athletic, hot, wealthy and d best part is he's a family man! tho he carries many credits, he still d same Nathan that Haley loves! i was thinking what it takes to have a guy like that? i meant besides the "hotness", wut it takes to have a guy who still loving, caring, hot in a kindness manner, passion about ur relationship, loyal to u from d day 1 being together till u die?

just so u kno, i always attached to d movie or drama i love and that's why i wrote this...just to point out something ;-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

lunch at hihie's

19th nov we all (aku, yani, farid, zam, along, shaz & kuza) gerak frm s.alam to bangi...even da mkn mee goreng kat umah, aku still rse excited nk mkn kat umah hihie coz sume mknan hihie yg msk sendiri!

erm macam2 ade...nasi arab...spageti...kek coklat...brownies...mcm2 ade! nyum nyum....mkn mmg x hengat...especially tang kek coklat yg hihie wat! haih da leh kawin ank dara sorg ni...mmg pakej! hahaha!

disebabkan we all melantak kow2 kat umah hihie...akibatnye sume melentok kat couch dpn tv...smpaikan posing amik gambar pon masing2 x bergerak ke tmpt lain...sume statik duk ats couch...haih bughuk perangai!

around 5pm we all gerak balik s.alam tp b4 dat had to say gd bye to hihie...damn it...i hate gd bye! rse sedey je mse peluk hihie...haih....we all mmg xjauh mane tp tuh ar mase tu agk ltd sbb masing2 byk hal nk wat...

along aka cik nora din, mambang, teratai hamid suggest kat we all starting january (after balik dr our penang road trip) jpe sebulan sekali...dis time xde la dpt ramai2...sesape yg nearby & free at dat time je for d nxt 5 years they all nk wat reunion yg besar2...all ACB's are invited...hope by dat time more >90% leh join...phm2 je la nti sure ade yg ter over bz...ter jauh sgt keje...sakit...mcm2 aral melintang :-)

owh tp kan there's smthg bothers me so result exam! haih risau nye aku....bdk segamat kater lecturers segamat da abes marking paper and found out 40% failed FAR....then wut about MAF yg aku da wat slek time exam tuh??? haih~~~~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

jennifer's body

honestly i cant understand wut d hell this movie is all about..

bile tgh free cite lak x best...haih~~

a msg from her + a bz day

i feel much better after read her msg this morning...she said sorry and just like me she cant sleep in peace coz of our dear fren, im so sorry too...n yes i miss our frenship too...hope this thing wont come between us again coz my life sucks without u!

my 2nd day after final exam is practically boring (but not so boring) and bz coz today i spent d whole day taking care of my nieces & nephews since my elder sister (along) wasnt feeling well...good timing sis ;-p

haih cant wait for thursday....2moro nk tgk wyg pon x jadik coz along x sehat...aiya boring lorh~~~

Monday, November 16, 2009

happy bday razak!

happy bday 2 u....
happy bday 2 u...
happy bday 2 u...
happy bday 2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

semoga dimurahkan rezki & sehat selalu ok!

anyway ni 1 of my approaches to show how sorry i am....nxt yr insyaallah aku dtg bday party ko ok! so as to other frens...sorry la aku over-bz smpai x smpat hang out dgn korang!

final exam da abes tapi....

suppose bile abes paper kiter celebr8 btul?

betul! aku mmg celebr8 pas abes paper...xde ar smpai wat party ke ape tp g la mkn2 lepak2 gelak2 dgn shaz, along, yani, shima, zura, kuza, aishah, farid & mat kat uptown dmnsara & seoul garden OU....

then nape aku rse mcm x lengkap?

1st sbb ckin pza fad hihi fizi shima & zura xde join kat seoul aku rse cam x cukup quorum!

2nd aku sgt2 la sedey sbb aku & 1 of my close frens ade issues which 1 of them aku xkan mtk maap sbb aku sgt yakin aku x salah dlm hal tu and others which aku xtau apehal nye but if tu salah aku...aku ready tuk mtk maap...but d thing is she disappeared just like that without reply msg aku...aku xkan call sbb kompom die x kan agkt...hopefully once die da cool down, die akn reply msg aku so then we can talk...

nape aku x rase "merdeka" mcm merdeka yg pernah aku rse few sems ago?

1st sbb aku frust nk mampos psl paper MAF640 aku...yes im still not over it! siut je paper ni kasi aku nightmare! menurunkan semangat aku tuk amik other 4 papers! huh~~

2nd sbb pasni da xde ari2 duk hadap muke member2...tu yg wat aku sedey~~~truth be told even tho byk challenges aku happy sgt dgn member2 yg aku ade skang....especially ckin pza nor hihi fad fizi shima zura & those yg stdy same2 dgn aku bile nk final exam (along shaz yani farid & mat)

conclusion: tah la aku pon xtau ape yg aku rse skang neyh~~~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FAR less sucks than MAF

huh d next pengalaman ngeri aku b4 exam....

semalam aku bgn tdo around 12 noon pastu trus siap2 g study dgn bdk2 klas; along, shaz, farid, mat, yani, kuza & ain....we all start stdy kul 3pm gak la lepas mkn & smbhyg sume...then ptg tuh yani kuza & ain balik dlu so tinggal la aku along shaz farid & mat....we all planned balik kul 11 so kul 12 da leh tido...kna la tido awl kan sbb takut blur dlm exam hall nti....japg disebabkan byk mende mcm still unclear dlm kul 12 lebey bru we all balik...aku beria la budget kul 1am mesti tido...mmg kul 1am tu aku da siap baring da...japgi golek sane golek sini....mata xmau lelap! pergh mmg bikin ati aku panas!

last2 kul 3am aku g mandi! pastu aku bukak laptop....budget nk tgk game chelsea-atletico madrid japg boley plak line x power nk dpt live streaming! tensen dowh! aku rse dlm 4.30am++ bru la mata ni dpt lelap...haih! paper kul 9am....bape jam je aku dpt tido klu aku kna bgn kul 8am??? cube kire sket.....

dgn mata yg ala2 burung hantu ni aku g amek exam dgn harapan hint sume kua....haih aku agk tension psl exit price (sbb aku duk focused kat historical cost), approved actg std (sbb aku duk hapal cf dgn bersungguh2 night b4 exam) and elements of FS (ni kompom jwpan aku slh!!! siot leh confused!)

apekah nasib ku sem ni????? waaaa~~~~~

tapi papehal pon honestly bg aku la kan....FAR less sucks than MAF! insyaAllah leh pass FAR ni...MAF? tah la