Thursday, November 26, 2009

pisau cukur...d best ever malay film

have u watch d movie? it's incredibly awesome! for d 1st time kat malaysia ni ade film gedikss yg best! sgt3 best in fact! why?

1. coz of fazura! why do i like her? she's gorgeous....simple as that! with a full package she has, she can gedikss all d time and i bet most of people wont feel noxious bout her! she's a good actress in terms of her credibility, vry fluent in english, and for me i think she's just like sophia bush! ;-)

2. the storyline was easy and simple...but needs u to keep guessing who's d antonym character...serious babe...mmg best lawak2 bangang die! especially all d gediks part, the script, everythg seems perfect!

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