Friday, July 31, 2009

i hate my haircut!

isk sedeynye...rmbut kembang menggerbang....kusut...serabut...mcm x mandi! org selalu tye aku soklan cani "ko da mandi ke blom?" ha kecik ati x? muke aku da la muke stock layu je...muke org nk tido...dgn eye bag all d time...tmbh dgn rmbut yg kusut masai mmg la org tye aku soklan camtuh!

the thing is i really want to perm my hair (but certainly not like the way i did few years back) but then my hair is slightly shorter than its minimum to perm and i cant do anythg bout it! klu nk wat gak dgn pjg rmbut yg skang i might end up like oprah...or nyonya2 yg rmbut yg tergantung tuh! uh no way...i already feel bad about my pimples + acne....overweight...i dont want to make it worse with messy haircut!

ckin, fad & sherry kater it's not that tah la...aku sgt2 rimas...bayangkan everyday nk g klas tuh...kt traffic lite aku sikat rmbut...sementare tunggu fad masuk keta aku sikat ag...lepas park keta aku sikat ag...dlm kelas sikat ag! kdg2 tuh angin bru iup sikit aku da naik hangin! hah x ke mental dibuatnyer?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

projek mandi manda!

exhausted but i had fun!!!!! i can express it in a mathematical way i.e.

best + fun + adventure + exhausted = satisfied + happy

why best? coz after so many things happened the plan was still on! at first it supposed to be 12-14 persons but then only 9 of us (aku, fad, shima, zura, yani, kira, bojot, zam, & mat) survived hahaha...

why fun? coz it was like back to our childhood/school days which we (everyone but kira and klu nk tau aku & fad adelah org plg penakut skali! ceh harap bdn je besa aku ni!) jumped into water from about a meter high dead wood (owh it was damn good!) and then as usual la "syampoo tangga" (yani & fad brought shampoo, conditioner, & shower creme...), mkn...minum...mkn...mandi...mkn.....tido(bojot)...mandi all day long!

adventure? yeah it was!!!! we had to walk about 10-15mins to reach the spot (not 100% jln rate...still kna trun naik tangga....lalu kt akar2 kayu...fuh!), ok since it is Hutan rekreasi of course la ade binatang2 yg menakutkan like frogs (dont laugh at was a big dark frog! and the other one agk melekit2 with kale hijau), and finally...a fren of mine, Mat was slipped from the big greeny rock when he was trying to change his cloth! poor him...injured his arm with a very long scratch...he was bleeding for quite a long time but he got to play cool...kna la cover depan pompuan2 yg ader hahaha cayalah mat....yg bestnyer x smpai 5min sume org tye2 mat ok ke x...ader bbrp suare sumbang ckp "abes ar sara kna drive sdiri balik kang" wakakaka sungguh x sopan kengkawan aku! anyway

thanx to yani & zam sbb bwk khemah

thanx to shima & fad bwk sandwich

thanx to kira jd photographer berjaye

thanx to bojot jd marshall

thanx to zura bwk jajan

thanx to mat jd pilot aku & zura

what's left? uhuh the "exhausted" part! no need to elaborate it coz everyone knows how does it like to be when u go out for that kinda project ;-p

nxt project we'll go somewhere else plak kay!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


ha nk tau x tghari td mse maid aku nk g angkat bju kt ampaian....ade sekor ular senduk!!!!! die nk kejar maid aku...maid aku berlari smbil menjerit "ya ampunnnn.....kak alonggggg toloonnggggg ada ularrrrrrrrr"

ha kelam kibut along aku & akak ipar aku g dapur nk tgk apehal tetibe meroyan minah sorg tuh.....gile ah ular tuh da kembang kepale meng'usya' kucing2 aku yg comel2 & gebu2 (mcm aku) tuh! kucing2 aku si buaru, kelam, putih, & abu da berlari menyorok bwh kerusi tapi japg si garang nk g berlawan!!!! tebiat nye kucing...klu aku ade kt c2 sure aku pengsan!

abg aku pon g la panggil indon contractor kt umah sebelah nk mtk tlg bunuhkan ular tuh sbb abg aku tu bukannye berani sgt....same penakut mcm aku gak hahahahaha! so bile da bunuh ular tuh...kiteorg pun nmpk la ade 2 lubang...1 kat tangga dapur & 1 ag kat bwh pokok jambu! setau aku klu ade 2 lubang meaning ade 2 ekor...btul x? 1 da bunuh so aku cam takut yg seko lg tuh mrh....plak tuh mestilah ader telur nye ye dak? gile ah aku cuak nk mampus skang ni!

aku riso kan kucing2 aku...takut diorg sesedap tido kt luar kang ade lak yg kaco...nauzubillah! ya Allah kau lindungilah kucing2 aku yg terpakse tido kt luar tuh....esk ade org potong rumput dtg so nk suh die bersihkan terus halaman rumah aku yg sikit ag da nk rupe mcm hutan belukar tuh...haish mak aku tanam terlampau byk pokok!! tp tak larat nk jage....aku ni x berminat dgm tumbuh2an dats why la aku xleh nk tlg mak aku membela pokok2 tuh....pastu kolam ikan toksah cite ar...da jd kolam katak aku tgk...bile aku complaint kt mak aku mak aku ckp cenggini "eh sibuklah bdk pompuan sorg ni....umah ko nti ko wat camtuh" hahahahahaha~~~~

aku berazam bile da ade umah sendiri nti aku mmg xnk tanam pokok...xnk tanam bunga....cukup la sejemput rumput karpet...aku ni pemalas so aku xnk mende2 yg susah dijage ade kt umah aku sbb xde kang umah aku jd hutan kucing2 aku akn bwk tgl dgn aku sekali nti :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

JT's not going anywhere

yehaaaaa!!!!!!! my dearest captain is not leaving!!!!

truth be told 1st time i've heard the rumour that he's gonna leave chelsea for man shitty i was terribly shocked! but then as the rumours growing all over d world and JT hasnt come out to clear the air i realized that;

1. JT just wants a better offer with increment for pay check and a 'safe' contract
2. JT is the spine of chelsea and he knows that so of course he wont leave the club
3. man shitty is a wanna-be big four with big accounts and small brain....who wants to go there???? only pricks like robinho, swp and bridgy want to! owh yeah did i mention tevez? duh~~~ yeah he's too!

and now that JT has cleared the air im sure everyone must be 100% happy! yeah we missed david villa, kaka, tevez, & ribery so what??? we have

a 1 hell out of gk; cech
3 5-star defenders; captain JT, Riccy and A.cole
4 4-star defenders; ivanovic, alex, mancienne & bose
2 5-star midfielders; super frankie, essien
a rising star midfielder; mikel
2 talented wingers; J.cole, miro stoch (even tho he's out for loan), and revival malouda
2 5-star strikers; drog, anelka
a rising star striker; di santo
amazing subs; belletti, ferreira
3 new signings; sturridge, zhirkov, and turnbull!
and not to forget a couple of dead woods; u know who~~~

ha...kan ke da cukup hebat tuh~~~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

keep on rolling baby!

had a pretty tough week with friends which totally so 'bdk sekola issues'! hahaha cant believe it keeps coming even tho im 23~~~

it wasnt a big deal actually but the funny thing s how come it happened! not in d mood to elaborate the thing so im just hoping it wont happen again bcoz seriously girls...after years we've been friends i dont want any of us screw our friendship! im happy spending time with u girls...took my mind away from my 2 former bestfriends and so-called good friends!

to develop a really good friendship it requires 3 things. Firstly, dont lie to ur bestfriends. Secondly, u must give and take all d time. Finally, dont dump ur friends when u have bf or scandal or what ever it is!

arguments will happen in any relationship even with our parents but that's the way we can know someone better provided we take it in a positive way....who said ckin, pza & I never had problems???? took a year and half for me to understand ckin and pza...even tho today still not 100% covered but Alhamdulillah our friendship stand still and strong...these 2 girls are really amazing (most people dont know bcoz these 2 pemalu bebeno) and patient...those guys who cant see that kinda quality are idiots! when i had problem with my 1st former bestfriend...ckin & pza were there to listen to me...when i broke up with "u know who he is" they consoled me...again when my 2nd former bestfriend acted like a horrible bitch they stood by me....when my sis issues kept coming they gave their support to me! owh yeah not to forget, fadia! she's amazing too! a lot like ckin & pza....these 3 friends remind me of 1 important thing which is friends are not just for fun, not just for hanging out, and gossip! They showed me the real meaning of "sharing is caring" hahahaha~~~ so hope that we all gonna keep on rolling thru thick & thin together-gether

phew so much about friends huh??? well that's what would happnd when ur date always bz at work! for d past 4 months we've been "dating" he called me everyday for exactly less than 5min! sms? yeah once in a while...the ur dream! normally ur date will invite u for lunch or dinner but not him bcoz he loves to invite me for breakfast at 7am! so boring~~~~

i guess instead of waiting for u i prefer to keep on rolling baby hohoho~~~

Friday, July 17, 2009

this week~~~

haaaa~~~ for d 1st time aku puas ati dgn malay horror film...even tho there were 3-4 RM10 actor/actress (mcm piza ckp) but still...the storyline was ok...especially the 'cik pon' part forced me to pejam mate kuat2...jerit2 tuh of course la kan~~~

thursday was good coz of i had MAF640 with Pn.Che'Ah....felt good with her compliment with our group work...congrats to my team mates; ckin, pza, fad, shima, zura, atun, pija, ros and sorg agi x igt name die sbb die pon senyap je~~~ looking forward for our nxt sure it's gonna be fun!

pagi tadi aku rase mcm nk langgar je pak guard2 yg ade dlm uitm! uitm ni aku x phm ape masalah diorg...8 tgkt multilevel parking da bg kt staff cukup2 ar tuh! student lg byk kut dr staff...agak2 ar nk wat keputusan ape pon...jgn la obvious sgt kebodohan & kesengalan korg2 wahai admin uitm! da korg sapu bersih 8 tgkt multilevel (even tho ari2 aku tgk byk je lg space parking yg kosong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pastu korg rebut gak parking kt lereng bukit...kt kolej...ha katne ag diorg nak???? depan lif nak? mcm bab1je perangai! ape2 sume nye lebey kat staff...ape besar sgt ke staff? da la selame ni bus2 yg ade da cukup padat dgn bdk2 yg xde keta/motor ni da org yg bwk keta pon kna same rebut nek bus x ke lagik huru hara jadiknye??? eeeee bodoh btol!

ok let's talk about FAR600~~~ hahaha after went thru chapter 1 i feel like im going to start prepare notes tomorrow! duh...too many chapters with too many articles to be covered by october is really killing me hardly! cant stand with all these shit! subject lain aku x brani nk tgk ag sbb takut pening kepale...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


phew lega btol aku rse skang neyh slps di massage oleh seorg akak yg terer bab2 ni...d whole last wk i was like carrying a very big + heavy burden on my shoulders!

she said i got lots of thing need to take care of regarding foods & drinks! owh babe d hardest thing to do in my life is to control "pemakanan" but ok from now on i'll try to do it coz it's for my best after all!

tp serious ckp bru lah rse lega skang ni :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last House On The Left

great movie from unfamiliar hollywood stars (for me)...worth for RM7 :-)

things u should know before watch this movie:

1. be prepared to control ur heartbeat as mine nearly stop (phew~~~)

2. u can handle 'blood-scene' very well unlike me & ckin...we both loya sikit after d movie sbb byk darah citer tuh hehehe

3. hero? heroin? hehehehe...surprise!

erm before g tgk movie tu aku, ckin, fad, & pza g karok jap...smpai ilang sore la si fad tu kejap...sib bek sore aku serak sikit je tp pastu back to normal ala2 j'lo :-p

tp frust xde lagu "akan ku tunggu".....tu lagu warm up tuh~~~ ceh! pasni g sunway nye je la...lg besh!


yup it was a bbq! just a small get-together-bbq with class mates...but we had fun! ckin & pza were there too...shima & yani berbekalkan lawak bengong diorg memeriahkan keadaan!

thanx a lot to hihi, nino, lela, fizi, & wanie for big participation/contribution during d as to d others....huh honoured guests were shima, zura & along coz diorg be3 yg bersusah payah hidupkan bara hehehe...luv ya girls!

owh lg 1...thanx to kuza, shaz, & along sbb bwk dadih yg sgt sedap~~~

punyer la gelak sakan mlm tuh smpaikan neighbour called tuan umah suh kiteorg senyap2 sikit sbb diorg ade baby! haiya so sorry la mr & mrs neighbour.... we all x sengaje~~~

bile da kna camtuh...kiteorg pon start gelak cover2 tp bile sikit ag nk terlepas gelak ala2 tarzan sume tutup mulut then "weyh sebelah ade baby!" haaa....sepanjang mlm tuh tu la ayat plg kerap disebut

mlm tu aku x rase letih lgsg sbb best tgk diorg :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

funfair closed~~~

dowh~~~ tension gile...1st day final sem @ uitm was really sucks! too many people everywhere...elevators not in a good condition....had to park my car far outside from faculty...tertonggek tonggek jalan kaki naik bukit & tangga batu cave dgn heels! shoot! bad day! my frens & i planned to go to klang coz nk g funfair...but then bile smpai...

fad: eh tu ke tmpt funfair?!

me: haish xkan la...gelap semacam je..

fad: ade byk kontena siot la da tutup weyh!

me, pza & ckin: huh??????!!

all four: alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sedey gile...excited sgt nk g mnghiburkan hati yg tension & bdn yg leh plak da ttp! siot jer...fad pnah g tmpt tuh...fad kater best sgt2! wwwaaaaaaa frustnyer~~~~~~

then terpakse la patah balik...time nk patah balik...fad agknye tgh frust sgt die bwk keta jd kelam kabut....nk pusing jalan tp termasuk jln mati...siap masuk area funfair...
org keje kt c2 tgk kiteorg sure ckp camni "la bdk2 ni kebulur sgt nk funfair ke?".....pastu fad g masuk jln "1-way"...yg bestnyer keta nor kt blkg follow je mane keta fad g...i will follow uuuuuuuu....

at last we had dinner je semlm...pretty crazy sume org...masing2 frust so nk ilangkan frust mcm2 lawak bodo kua dr mulut masing2...rite after dinner fad, pza & ckin wat lawatan khas kt umah sewa aku...pastu mcm biaser la posing 3-4 kali then balik......

hurm....funfair oh funfair nape la x tunggu aku~~~~~~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

off at d moment

ok i just figured that i've to stop the non-exclusive-dating thing coz it's sucks and im starting to feel that im a 1-kind-of-bitch! i dunno why but....i dunno!

so im off with it at d moment...most probably for ever!

male friends & cousins said "no woman no cry"

i say "no man no cry.......provided my friends, family & facebook always there for me" terselit lak topic acca skali!

ok td my cousin (amar a.k.a abang) called thru YM and as usual bile boring2 kiteorg suke merepek rather than berborak hahaha...japg dak abg kater bob (my cousin) kasi teka teki...ha kt c2 la startnye kua byk teka teki siut pd mlm ahad ni!

1. ade seorang raja sedang sakit tenat...raja tuh ade 1 putera...klu raja tu mati, putera tu jd ape?
-------> anak yatim!

2. ikan ape lg rock dalam dunia ni?
--------> ikan goreng...

3. rumah ape plg byk pakai air?
--------> rumah terbakar

4. knape pokok kelapa depan umah mesti ditebang?
--------> mestilah DITEBANG takkan DICABUT pulak! ni tgh cite psl pokok klape bukan
pokok ubi

5. dimanakah terletaknya kemahalan kereta BMW?
--------> pada huruf W...bru lah die jd BMW...cube klu letak X...jd BMX...BMX murah aje lor

6. Dengan apakah gajah terbang?
--------> Dengan susah payah~~~

ha mmg patut pon dinamakan "teka teki siut" sbb jwpan die mmg tah pape!

owh aku sgt2x xde mood nk pack brg2 bwk balik umah sewa coz seriously xde mood nk blaja! yeah i know working life is very exhausting but still at d end of evry month u'll get ur
paycheck + allowance + commission = retail therapy + vacation
am i right?

students life mmg la xde dpt the horrible part is bile nk exam!!! gile nye x suke dgn exam...even test pon aku x suke! blaja berbulan2 then 3 hours exam will determine ur future! fuh kejam~~~

practically this coming sem is not my final sem coz im planning on continue with acca rite after degree...not so sure whether i can handle acca coz a few friends failed to do so and it's kinda make me think twice...however bile igt balik mse sblm start diploma @ uitm aku slalu ckp "this is crazy...sekolah pon aku tunggang langgang ni kan pulak nk masuk u?!"

tp arini...aku da ade dip dlm poket kanan and im about to dptkan degree to put into my left x mustahil la kan tuk wat acca? kna struggle lebey sikit la coz i am naturally lembab tang blaja :-p hihi mmg confirmed nk sambung so aku da lega ade member nti...hopefully ckin, pza, & fad pon nk trus sambung nti....sng nk d more d merrier :-)

Friday, July 3, 2009

a day with 2 friends

early morning i went to UiTM with a close die fad...she had problem with her course registration which need her to consult with our coordinator immediately...unfortunately the thing remains unsettle and she's really in a bad mood up to now...i dunno what else to do coz the admin left her with 2 choices which seemingly not look like 1...i hope there'll be good news for her

around 12pm i went to kl for a lunch with another close die usual she got a lot of stuff to talk about...and im happy to listen to her...she's funny...a lot like ckin & pza! so lpas mkn2...ngumpat2...we went for shopg...unfortunately the sandal i wanted to buy XDE size 8!!! siot giler~~~~~~ tension babe! nk legakan ati we went into adidas shop coz i wanted a track bottom and size for me!!! what d hell? im a XL-size & 8-size consumer !! isk isk isk rase hina la plak~~~

owh lg 1...akak 2nd aku leh thn gak prangai...ade ke die nk tolak nset die kt aku RM500?? klu aku da bekerje xpe gak :-p drpd pakai yg da terpakai bek aku beli baru...alang2 kna beli kan...bek beli bru trus!

thought that she might give away that to me for free or at least like my bro said "aku kasi ko pinjam jgn jahanamkan!" but he let me keep that like forever even tho he always complaining that i didnt take care of it hahahaha...sorry bro i did handle ur hp carefully but somehow things happen u know...seriously not my fault...

ok gtg...i need to look out for new hp coz i've been talking about new hp for like 1 year but x jpe lg yg berkenan...fussy sgt kut