Monday, June 29, 2009

birthday presents in advance!

alhamdulillah lega ati den~~~

got new notebook...yay!!! since umah sewa xde tv...dpt 1 new notebook is a 1 hell of bonus for me...all i've to do now is to get broadband so i can surf internet & facebook-ing to kill the time....the best part is, it is a sony vaio notebook! thanx abah ibu...mmmuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!

2nd present is clothing material fabric sponsored by along, mamat, ancul & kak aida! it's a vry nice colour...combination of baby blue & light green colour...thanx to my siblings!

i wonder is there anyone gonna buy me a handphone coz the 2 that i've been using are totally crap! hah ni lah org tua kater "da bg betis nk peha"! byk lak request eh?! nk penampor???

Sunday, June 28, 2009

michael jackson vs p.ramlee

hah pnah dgr lagu "tanya sama hati" dlm filem anakku sazali x? best kan lagu tuh? aku layan dowh lagu tuh! aku sgt3x suke filem2 p.ramlee & lagu2 die...x kesah la die solo ke...duet ke...die wat tuk saloma ke...sape2 aku mmg sgt3x suke die...

bg aku ade 2 aje legend (kategori artis) kt Malaysia ni 1st P.Ramlee 2nd Sudirman....yg lain2 tuh kurang menepati klu dr segi character aku lebey suke aziz satar :-p pak ajis ni mmg best lawak die!

family aku sume nye gile dialog filem2 p.ramlee (filem2 malay lain pon ade gak tp 90% mmg citer2 lame ar) asal ad chance je kiteorg sure kua kan bakat msg2 tiru dialog p.ramlee tau...plg terer aku rase cousin aku yati...

aku ter pk sst...berjuta manusia terase kematian MJ tp honestly aku xde rase pape..cume bile akak aku ckp psl kematian die tghari tuh

aku nye respon "owh yeh? sakit ape?"

then akak aku ckp "die kna heart attack kut" (beria akak aku jwb soklan ni)

pastu aku pon ckp "owh ok" (trus pandang tv sambung layan citer The Good Old Days

akak aku "siotnye bdk" (die bengang aku x interested hahahahaha)

xde la, aku bukan minat sgt dgn MJ...aku minat bbrp lagu die aje...bakat die tuh mmg aku x nafikan tp x menarik minat aku tuk follow career die closely ar...MJ fans jgn mrh eh~~~~

great weekend!

lalalala~~~~ yeah im happy

saturday morning i went to umah sewa and cleaned up my room, the kitchen and living hall 2nd floor...damn tired and a bit annoyed to former tenants (pengotor btul!) lucky me i brought my maid to help us out! few friends were there too...everyone together gether wat keje...rajin ank2 dara sume~~

around 3+pm i went to wangsa maju met my ex-form 5 was just a simple gathering but we had fun...gossiping is 1 of the fun thing...owh yes d boys joined us gossiping too! feels good to see all of them maintain their sense of humour...still gile2 & mangkuk ayun like before! even tho i've to admit that i cant stand with some of 'his' thread...dude u scared me! hahaha~~~ :-p

right after the gathering, my next stop was friends invited me for a bachelor party for alissa who is getting married in next 2 weeks (congrats dear~~ ur future hubby is way too hot! hahaha) i didnt spend much time for this party coz im too tired for partying and i cant feel my left knee!

this morning i went to tmn botani for cycling again....with my cousins apip, jai, epa, & arip...again im the only female...but we had fun...especially during the 'jump session' was really exciting and i wish i could join them jumping but since wore a low cut jeans, i've to passed! nxt time im gonna wear track bottom so that i can join them lompat2! urgh jeles tgk photos diorg lawa2 td!

owh yeah not to forget that i did 2 unpredictable things today which are 1st i cooked chaguotiao this morning for abah & ibu and for our dinner i served parents with mee tomyam! hahaha rajinnye ank dara~~~~

may not sounds like a great weekend for some of u but it is for me :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a little too not over you

aren't memories supposed to fade?
what's wrong with my heart?
shake it off, let it go
didn't think it'd be this hard

ok i tried to play "if u seek amy" but somehow accidentally click on "a little too not over u"

hahaha mlm2 jumaat ni leh lak jiwang karat~~~

i just had a little nice chat with my close friend...she asked me is it worth to be loyal to ur bf? damn it was hard for me to say yes! and yeah...i didnt! hahahaha! sorry fren im just saying what i believe in...

pndapat aku la kan selagi belum jd hubby( or at least tunang) selagi tuh kte leh carik org ur ur eyes...explore wher ever u can go...kwn la sebanyak mane yg ko leh kawan then dr c2 ko leh tau pros & cons bf ko dgn lelaki2 lain...mmg la nobody's perfect but what im suggesting here is to look for a better option....lg satu sbb nye org tua2 kater

"bile bercinta kiter bercinta dgn org lain, tp bile kawin kiter berkawin dgn org lain"

which means mse couple he's most likely very gentle & nice but then bile kawin yg jenis haprak tu bakal2 menujukkan belang...bukan laki je tp pompuan pon bukan sume laki/pompuan camtuh la

1 more's better for us to live life to the fullest while we're still gorgeous (hahaha) sbb klu da tua nti bru nk buang tebiat huh bughuk bebeno ghupenye!!!! bile kiter enjoy life kiter future we wont be afraid of commitment to parents, hubby, children, works etc

why i cant say yes to him?

there's 1 guy i've been dating...(what's difference anyway? hahahaha) for the past 4 months..quite charming, soft spoken, and ok yeah he's wealthy :-p

he called me this morning and said "i miss u"
i replied "owh..thanx!"

hahaha how awful was that? but hey at least i didnt lie :-p

he told me that he was clueless about our relationship...he wanted the non-exclusive thing become exclusive and until now i cant give the answer....i dont want to say no...but i cant say yes

nobody's perfect...i get fact he's been living with my weaknesses for the past 4 months and so do i....but somehow it was just 4 months...i mean 4 months???? how d hell he can said that he's in love with me after knowing me for just 4 months? it's crazy right? if he can easily loves me, he must be can easily hates me...right? i believe when we get something easily we'll forget to appreciate it...i dont want another broken relationship bcoz last time it did hurt me so BAD!

i think that is the reason why i cant say yes but somehow deep inside i think there's someone else in my heart...(bukan frank lampard citer betul2 bukan rekaan semate-mate)

panas! panas! panas!

i was transferring my Desperate Housewives season 5, Gossip Girl season 2, Grey's Anatomy season 3, and about 8-10 movies from notebook to pc and suddenly my laptop turned off! shoot! i turned it on again and....tap! off again! ok what d hell just happened???! about 5 times i tried to start the laptop but it just cant! pergh~~~~~~ menyirap siot!

serious ckp i almost throw away the laptop out of my window but thank god i didnt! bukan ape aku terpk there must b another way for me to selamatkan drama2 & movies fav aku tuh...but how???? waaaaaa~~~~ ilang modd! rase cam nk nagis! rase cam nk tumbuk sst! rase cam nk mencarut kuat2 (even tho dlm hati allah aje yg tau berape byk kali aku mencarut!) tp sbb anaqi, safiah, abg syafi & kak shaz ade dgn aku so i kept mouth shut!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


ok skang ni bout 3 schools ttp coz of H1N1...disebabkan virus jijik ni aku kna cancel tgk transformers on dis coming thursday...nak dipanjangkan cite lak kt genting pon da start so terpakse la cancel booking 1st world hotel genting yg sepatutnye aku g nxt wednesday!

amacam? best x? actually it's more to "mcm sial"!

degil btul org2 yg bru balik oversea especially those from blacklisted countries ni tau...x reti2 nk quarantine kan diri tu kt umah 3-4 ari ke? bukan susah sgt pon! relax ar dulu kt umah...klu rase 100% sihat bru la kua...x pepasal je abes org2 lain kna...hah aku geram la ni...this yr mcm2 prob bile aku nk g holiday tau...nk release tension pon susah! da la mcm nk mampos aku keje time prac arituh! tension tau cani...nti nk start final sem xde mood sbb xde wat refreshment actvt! tension!!!!!


nape eh aku wat topic ni? xtau tuh ar yg aku pk skang ni...

when i was 13, a fren (also 13) called me confess that she made love with her bf last nite..i was like huh? really? when? where? how? hehehe.... i was 15 even tho im shocked i still wanna know how that happened! dowh~~~~

year after year until i reached 17, there were 10-20 friends of mine lost their virginity to their bf and yeah about 5++ lost it to their step bro, friend's bf, and john doe (one night stand) didnt surprise me tho coz most of them are troublesome kind of daughters...ader yg nyesal lpas tuh and start over again tp kebanyakan nye tak 2003 aku start study kt uitm...again...same things happened...

the sad thing is some of them are well-mannered, sembahyang cukup 5 waktu, and xde terlibat dgn mende2 nakal...plg x bestnyer ade yg lost to their scandal! tuh yg plg bodoh pnah aku dgr...why? why my fren? how could u let that happened?

nk tau x...bile hang out dgn member2 laki yg kaki main betina...diorg selalu bwk different girls...bile line clear aku bisik kt member aku

"dude she's not adila right?" i asked
"of course not...adila at home" he replied and made some tweaky smile to me
"so she's ur ayam la ni?" i said
"of course la...xkan la projek awek sdiri..adila tuh aku nk buat bini so kna la jage baik2" he said

so phm x dr c2? laki ni byk yg prangai mcm sial..awek yg die nk buat bini die jage elok2...nk puaskan nafsu diorg carik la pompuan lain...1st lesson for u girls is laki yg usung korg ke sana ke mari...yg "projek" dgn korg tp dont bother about ur status relationship is a jerk! x kesah la bape kali pon die kater syg ke...ape ke..da on d way nk break dgn gf diorg ke...tuh sume bull shit!

another side of story...what if he's ur own bf? frankly speaking in my opinion if he loves u...he must respect if he keep asking about having sex before get married that should be a's either he does love u but he cant control himself being around with u (hahahaha) or he is using ur relationship satus to get what he wants...sorry to say this but i also think that those who had sex before get married will impress their hubby during their 1st night :-p

we're muslims and we know the rules so no need to compare with agama2 lain...

bile pk2 psl ni aku rase bagus gak aku xde bf sbb......hehehe! (aku yakin ckin setuju dgn aku)
no la...actually bagus la aku x rushing nk ade steady tuh dating je nk upgrade into relationship takes time sbb aku da boring dgn laki2 yg so-called "bad ass", "bad boy", or what ever they called...from now on im looking for someone with good looks (x semestinye handsome la), in love with me, gentle & soft spoken, funny, cares about me & my family, well-educated, understanding and d most important thing he's willing to fight for me & wont give up on me! Insya Allah mudah2an Allah turunkan rezeki mcm tuh kt aku :-)

for those who lost virginity to bf & scandal and da nyesal...aku nasihatkan jgn rase hina diri sgt sbb sometimes things are out of control and we all human beings always being fooled by's better for u girls to move life to the fullest coz there's nothing wrong to have fun and being naughty sometimes...but plz dont fool urself again and again and again


Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's little grown up

im proud to have a protective abah but...........

sometimes abah ni overprotective la...especially when we moved in shah alam everything is within the curfew...come on im 23 i know how to take care of myself...

i've been friends with a lot of drug addicts & many kinds of "sampah masyarakat" but hey look at still d same person and as a matter of fact for the past 5 years i've become a better person...sometimes friends can give bad influence but the thing is if u know how to take care of urself u wont be trapped with any sorts of bitter sin which i can safely ruled that out from my book!

last year in december i planned with a friend to go to Tioman Island right after i finished my practical training. Last February/March i told abah and he said ok but then by d time im ready to book the resort

he said "nape nk g smpai ke tioman lak? abah risau la ko naik bot nk redah laut china selatan tuh..."

i replied "abah frm jetty to island we can use ferry or fast ferry"

he said "x boley la nak...g redang la"

i replied "abah redang mahal...kwn ct x cukup duit...nk beli tiket flight ag"

he said "takpe..tiket flight abah bayarkan"

see? abah sanggup sponsor lebey asalkan aku x g tioman...aku pon x phm apesal abah x kasi g tioman...ok speaking of laut china selatan...bukan ke redang tuh pon kite kna redah laut china selatan? bile aku ckp kt abah...abah leh gelak besar sounds like "alamak kantoi!" he knows that his lil daughter suck at geography that's why he gave "laut china selatan" as an excuse but surprisingly i went on internet to check the location!

dsebabkan malas nk bising2 dgn abah (kesian abah ari2 balik keje after dinner je trus kua g jpe org...kul 2am++ bru balik) i started survey on redang island...which resort can provide d best option at affordable price for my friend...but then since it is redang island d best i could have (after considering about the toilet & bathroom) was RM450 which covered land transfer, ferry transfer,accomodation, meals,snorkeling,leisure actvt,sea sports and welcome drink! i told my friend and she said "mahalnyer!" i was like fuck u damn it! it's redang island...not sungai klang or ulu yam!

she talked to me nicely and persuade me to consider another option (murah2 la of course)..i said ok let's find out tonight...we both on9 then try to get better option...fortunately another friend invited me to join her trip to sabah...abah said ok and i was like yeah!!!! but then i was unlucky! by d time i filled in the booking form (air ticket) the seats sold out!! ok what the hell was just happend??!

kesian kan? kesian sbb abah didnt allow me to go to tioman island, kesian coz my friend demand vry low price without considering about hygiene, cleanliness & valuable package, kesian coz unlucky about the air ticket to sabah!

klu tau la cani nye prob boley ade...supposedly i just follow leen,dina,odah,stu & aidil trip to langkawi & pangkor (isk isk isk) bukan ape...da jida yg ajk dulu g tioman tu sume kan xkan la nk pangkor & langkawi aku da pnah g so nk merase tmpt x pnah g lak tp tuh la...prob dgn abah yg x kasi ke tioman & member yg kedekut x bertmpt...balik2 die ckp die ank askar so da biaser tmpt kotor & buruk! hahahaha lawak!

rase mcm da jauh larik topik nih tp lantak la! erm still clueless why abah didnt allow me to go to tioman..why? why? why? he let me to go to pangkor,redang,langkawi,kapas etc but tioman...urgh i wish he can give me d reason...

actually there r lots of thing abah da ngalah dgn compared to my bros & sis im d luckiest coz my 1st trip with frens i mean only frens is when i was 17++...right after final paper spm to pd and d nxt wk after i went to pangkor, i drove to batu pahat for d 1st time when i was 18, i started friends' night out during secondary school, long story short i managed to "seal the deal" dgn abah about few things that my bros & sis cant...hopefully there'll be more things i can persuade abah to approve :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fantasy guys

do u have ur own wishlist? dont tell me u never have 1! bia betul korg xpnah ade? bull shit ar nk layan! ok let us begin with my list

3) Miroslav Klose

why him? he cant be rated as a hot guy...he's skinny (but still looks good when being shirtless)...looks older sometimes...and when he smiles he looks weird! jahat tul mulut aku! then why he's in my wishlist? 1st, i noticed he got beautiful eyes! there is 1 malay quote about eyes which sounds like this "dari kerana mata...yg memberi kuasa...oh aku tergoda aku tergoda terkecewa...dari kerana mata...." ok 2nd , when u're talking about footballer most of them are well known for being wild & "player" but i think i can safely ruled that out from miroslav klose!

2) James Lafferty

to all OTH fans im sure u all know why i like this guy! he's like d combination of mc steamy & mc dreamy for me! best feature? his sexy voice! tp serious ckp d character of "nathan scott" is actually d main reason i love him

1) Frank Lampard

owh yes he's hot, cute, gorgeous, smart, and damn sexy! but none of them are d primary reasons why i love him...long story short he's a player with full of determination, full of fighting spirit (ala2 antoo fighter), professional, hardworking , and carries beautiful football skills...the unsung hero never let fans down and we could always count on him

So what have u sum up in ur mind after reading this post? that im a crazy bitch who loves celebrities so much? been living in fantasy and avoiding reality? there are few ppl said 'come on sarah quit dreaming and live ur life to the reality!' well that's true but take a look carefully at this post again then u'll realize that i didnt fall for them coz of their looks & popularity but characters