Thursday, November 26, 2009

"u can never change, dear" said the .........

some people said dat i'll never b able to change frm what i believe i used to be simply bcoz those people believe that human nature; people cant change their true colors! is it??? i asked myself many time tonight and it's kinda spoil my mood!

how can they be so sure to hold that kinda thoughts?? i do believe that people change....people changed! if not, my former besfrens are still with me...right? as we grow up, we will change the way we talk, speak, and think...right? when we get increment in salary, we change our lifestyle...right? wut else?

i wont elaborate wut things that we argued about coz it's kinda personal and im not ready to talk about this with any1 so not in d mood right now...maybe i'll come back to update about this shit after few days...or maybe 2moro...i dunno for sure...

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